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A Not-so serious One

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You have all seen a cat gently and agilely hop down from a shelf,chair,window,etc during the day making hardly a sound. So why is it that as soon as the lights go out and you're all snuggled down the same cat jumps from the same place,,and lands with the velocity,weight and SOUND of a 5 ton elephant dropped from a 50 story building??? Do cats get heavier at night?? Does sound amplify in the dark?? Am I the cutest,sexiest...oop,scratch that last one,I already know the answer.
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Nighttime does seem to amplify the sound - I think Radio Shack has secretly sold all our fur children the means to make noise when humans are sleeping - or maybe it is those alien cats that 3LK knows about - or maybe it is the makers of Sominex wanting to make more millions$$$$
Noodles turns into "thunder thud" at night -
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I dont know if they retain water and get heavier at night or not. But I do know that sound does amplify more at night. Not only that there is usually less background noise at night so that you tend to hear distint sounds better.

The last question I will answer Friday in person.

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Kittyfoot I agree with you about the noise. My cats are very loud at night.
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They do seem to be noisier at night, but our Speckals is noisey EVERY time she lands on the dining room table when jumping off the china cabinet!!
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I am still in the dark on this one. Actually everything in this house seems 10x's louder because I have all hardwood floors. The only time things seem louder to me, is when hubby is gone.
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Could it be that thier depth perception is not "as" good in the dark? That would be the only thing I can think of besides that maybe they do it on purpose just play with your head.

I mean you DO know that they have secret kitty meetings while your sleeping and would probably short sheet your bed for a laugh if they could figurte out how...

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Meme........Friday, eh? Have a great time!

Wayne....I agree....those dang cats cat be so agile and smooth during the day.....but as soon as I start to fall asleep, Merlin will leap with the agility and smoothness of a bull in a china closet, onto the hope chest, onto the dressor, onto the window sill.
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KittyFoot; I am going to share somethig with you that I have revealed to no one else. (not even family) One day while cleaning behind the breakfront in the dining room; I found the little "ankle weights" my cats wear at night. Also a couple of pairs of small (albeit sturdy) combat boots! Not to mention 3 sets of "tiny cymbals" and 4 "mini megaphones". This could be a KEY to the puzzel you were asking about. . . . . .
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Darlene!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh dang!!!!!!! I think Merlin has the same set!!! What is up with this? Is this some sort of cat conspiracy?????
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3LK - That's it! Now I have to do some cleaning today to locate the 6 sets that are in my house!
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After last night I'm considering changing my cat's names to Train and Wreck!!!!! Just at dawn they sensed something outside. They made a mad scramble onto the kitchen table to stare out the window. Now my bedroom is directly below the kitchen. Evidently the view wasn't satisfactory because the rode a herd of horses down the stairs to get a better look out the basement windows..this resulted in a brief catfight because the windowledges are 1 cat deep. This meant Tac got the first ledge and Tic had to rush to my room,crash the door open,leap upon my bed,trample me unmercifully and leap up to the window. Lord,I feed that cat too much..had no idea he weighed 350 pounds.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Anyways..Tac is in the other room spitting and fussing;Tic is doing his lion imitation..he gives a deep cough or grunt followed by fierce growls.

So I dragged my poor trampled body from the bed and looked out to see the cause of all the ruckus...one of the neighborhood cats (sorry,around here most are put out at nights). He was sitting there,looking from one window to the other with a very bemused look on his face.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: These two need no instruments...:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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I can picture this whole scenerio in my head!
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My 3 also seem to find great glee in the mini blinds in my bedroom...but only at night, and only when I am laying (lying?) 2 feet away in my nice cozy bed.
I've had to remove all the plants, candles, and knick knacks from the windowsill...well, some were destroyed by nocturnal kitty games...but thats another story.
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mine most definitly have clogs that they pull out to wear at night. no doubt about that.
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Your cats are actually graceful and quiet during the day?! I have 6 cats and 3 foster cats - and the only time they are graceful or quiet is when they are asleep - well most of them, Grendel snores...

Heather Havel
Michigan, USA
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I like to call it Wiiiiiiiiiiiild Kitties of the Night!
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Friday night I heard a loud bang that woke me up. Nothing too unusual, Nubi and Zubi are pretty frisky at night. Normally I fall back asleep figuring that whatever they've done can wait til morning to clean up, but this was just too loud to ignore. I walked into my living room and found the tv tray table that I use as a side table had been disturbed. It's just a tv tray table, but still it's heavy enough that I have a hard time lifting all 4 of them. The amazing part was that the table hadn't simply been knocked over - somehow my cats had completely flipped it over! The top was on the floor and the legs were sticking up in the air! And my cats were sitting there looking at me innocently. I just shook my head, wondered how they did it, and went back to bed.
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My youngest ones run marathons at night. Maya Linn seems to love running and taking a giant leap from my bed to the window ledge (3 feet away), never once putting on her parking brake. I'm still waiting for the day she flies through the screen (I'm only on the second floor). Fortunately I have wall to wall carpeting so it kind of softens (if that's possible) the wham-bang of little paws at night.

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Yes.....yes, and yes.
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