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how do I get my cat to poop in the litter box?

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I have posted on the health board, and this board about my cat, cleo, who has been using everywhere except the litter box to poop. she has urinated there, but when she has to poop, I see her running around to find a place, and will go anywhere except the litter boxes . Her stools are less, and firmer, since she is taking her antibiotics. Her blood work came back good,except for some anemia. My question how do I get her to use the litter box to poop? I have 3 litter boxes, one is jumbo, one is a booda box with stairs, and one is small. I even have 2 types of litter, scoopable and clay, and I took a cardboard box and filled it with some litter where she usually lays for the day and poops(under the kitchen cabinet. Any help would be appreciated. Greatly.
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I would toss out the litter pans and buy brand new ones first off, and there is a special litter you can order that actually attracts cats to use their boxes.

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I'm sorry I'm no exert, but I am sure someone will come back to you very soon. Good luck!! One thing I tried with my naughty boy Felix was praising him, a bit over the top, everytime he urinated in the litter box, and that did help. I also put on a very disappointed voice when he pooped anywhere else.
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When I first got my cat Zac, he would not use the litter box, either. I had him secluded from the rest of the cats while waiting for his first vet visit. He was in my spare bedroom, and he used every corner in that room! I finally moved him to the spare bathroom, as that had tile floor and would be easier to clean than the carpet in the bedroom. But apparently he didn't like the tile, because as soon as I put him in that room, he started going in the litter box.
It turns out he was sick at the time, and once he was on meds and the illness cleared up, I was able to let him out and he had no trouble using the box after that.
Anyway, it's just something you might be able to try.
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Your cat probably equates the current litter box with pain. When she was sick, she learned that pooping in the litter box was painful, so (being a smart cat) she now poops elsewhere so it won't hurt anymore when she goes. So, Hissy's suggestion is exactly what you need to do. Just get rid of all of her current boxes and replace them with brand new ones. In cases like this, changing to completely new boxes makes the cat relieved because those boxes that made her hurt when she pooped are now gone.

If changing boxes doesn't work, then try Jeamy's suggestion. It is the perfect "last resort" treatment of this problem.
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