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Looking for good black cat photos

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Anne and I are looking for quality, high res photos of black cats that we can offer the subscribers to MeowMews as a screensaver.

If you believe you have a photo that will qualify- and the photo must be at least 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high- please email them to

Please make sure they are high res pictures, we only need one and will choose the best of the best that is submitted.

Also if you have any in a holiday setting- Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, we would love to take a look at those as well-

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time I start looking through photos of Russell.
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I have emailed two of Bandit (still missing ) But had to send them in seperate emails because they are large files 2844px by 2133px 200px/inch

EDIT: I resized them to 1024 x 768 because recoding them to email made the files too large to send.
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bumping this as we are still looking-
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Does it have to be just a black cat? I have the cutest picture of Trent and Ophelia sleeping together, but she's black and white...
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Oh you can always send any picture. We're currently looking for black for the October 2004 wallpaper. I thought we'd do something for Halloween with a black cat.

Just make sure the pictures are very large and very high quality.
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I just bought Photoshop 5.5 on Ebay. I have a Fujifilm S3000. I also have three adult black cats, one black stray that I am feeding, three all black kittens, four mostly black kittens, (just a couple of white hairs on their chest), and one black and white adult cat, my oldest (Clyteamnestra), and eight black and white kittens. I can get photos, but I am cautious. I lot of people still have superstitions about black cats.

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Been looking through photos of Russell and taking a few more.

Will be sending a selection to you tomorrow evening.
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I have a few of Tipsy that I will send through - first have to wait until I get on my husbands laptop to get the original photos of there.
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I sent you a couple of Zeus!
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Are you still looking? I have a good one of Faile, but it's still on my camera.
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What the time frame for getting these photos in, is it over yet? I'm trying to get a few good pics of my 3 black kitties but I'm finding it hard to get one without their eyes glowing!
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