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So I've been away for a tiny bit.

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Hi! Sorry I've been absent for a while. I've been busy with work and study and running after three kitties.

Menchi has grown so much in the time that I've been away. He's now got faded markings on his white fur and his eyes are still as blue as ever. He's a snuggle kitty. He loves to curl up in our laps or between us when we're sitting watching the news. He insists on cuddling up to us at night. The trampoline sessions are finally over! It only took one month of persistence and perseverence.

Russell, even though he's 2 years has reverted back to kitten behaviour. So I've got two kittens in the house and boy does it keep me busy even if the first thing I want to do after coming home from work is to collapse in a heap.

Esper, well she's as regal as ever. She isn't into play like Russell and Menchi. She prefers to watch from afar. But last night she did goad Menchi into a play session that turned into something that sounded like Wilderbeasts running along the Serengeti.

Oh and yes, I have taken loads of pictures!!

And three days ago, I almost fell over when someone transported a Maine Coon to Port Hedland. He was absolutely gorgeous. We all thought he was a girl, including me! He had such a girl face on him. Grey and white bicolour and he was adorable! He was only 12 weeks old but you wouldn't think it to look at him. He was bigger than Menchi. I would have given five months until I realised he was a Maine Coon.

And it's probably been said before, but the changes to TCS are marvellous. It's like a breath of fresh air. I'm not saying the old format was boring. It's like TCS had a renovation while I was away. FANTASTIC JOB!
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Hey Mags! Nice to see you here again!
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Welcome back! Yep Anne did a tremendous job. Next on the list is Meowhoo.com

Nice to see you here again and thanks for the update.
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Welcome back, Mags! We were missing you!
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Thanks ^_^

Things just kept happenning one after the other and before I knew it, time went by so fast.

Be posting more things soon. Gotta fly again
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Welcome back Mags! Nice to have you back. Don't be a stranger for that long again. I'm going to Fur Pictures now.. So I'm *hoping* their will be some of your kitty pics there!

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Welcome back Mags !!!!!

And thanks for the updates on how things are going.
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Hey Mags!!! I missed you!
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Welcome back!!!

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Glad to see you're back!
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