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new and old both

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I'm known as grandma kitty, because I have always loved cats and at one time had 10. All persians-just cause I love their personalities.
I wonder if anyone else sees a relationship to astrology character analysis for their pets. I am spiritual and don't 'use' astrology- but, find the traits of each sign seem to fit my cats as well as people. For instance, our brown tabby is an Aries-I'll try tp add a picture- he is the most energetic and 'organizes' his toys at our feet (brings them to us)-his name is snickerdoodle cookie. Our blue persian (Bluepurr) is a Leo and acts quite royal and shows a lot of leadership around the house. Anyone else find connections? Thanks- I'm new at being on a forum-
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Welcome to Cat Site Grandma kitty,you're gonna fit right in.

I'm a Leo and so are both of my boys so we get along just fine...everybody's the boss.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Grandmakitty - What a great name!
No clue about the signs of my babies - but this is interesting. WELCOME to TCS and a big MEOW to you and yours!
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Hi and welcome to the site. I never even thought of animals as having a sign before. That is really neat. I will have to look theirs up and see if they are true to it.
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Grandma Kitty,

I sent you an e-mail in response to yours several times, but I had trouble sending. The last one seemed to go through. If you did not recieve it, please let me know, and I will post it here.

I am also new here, and glad to meet you.

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Hi Grandmakitty and welcome to the cat site!
I never gave much thought to this either. Sounds interesting. I'll have to look into it.
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"Welcome to TCS, GrandmaKitty". I am called That CRAZY Cat Lady by my neighbors. I must say I like your handle better. We are proud to have you here. I can't wait to see pictures of your Persian beauties. :blubturq:
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Grandma Kitty....... WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Merlin was born around the first of September...(oh wow...I just realized he is a YEAR old now!!!! ) So what sign does that make him?
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Debby ask about what sign her cat would have being born on September 1st. That makes him a Virgo- I have no Virgo kitties, but have a sister and a daughter who are Virgos. They are very detailed oriented; love the kitchen; are very good caretakers- many humans are nurses; teachers- I'll have to do a search and find the books available on pets and their signs- I think there really is something to it?
Thanks for the responses and welcomes!
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Hmmmmmm.... I'm not sure the Virgo sign really fits my Merlin....the only time he likes the kitchen is when there is food on the table, and he can sneak onto it! :laughing:
Last night we had BLT's, and I had the bacon on the table, on a plate...under a papertowel, and the onery little sh*t snuck in there, and when I walked in, he looked up, with that " Oh-Oh " look on his face, and there he was sitting on the table, with a huge, long peice of bacon hanging out of his mouth!!! :laughing:

He is more moody, regal, don't touch me unless I wanna be touched, kind of cat!

*but I simply adore him!*
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