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Friday's Daily Thread

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Well, it is almost the weekend! I am so glad, as it has been a rough week at work. It is going to be a busy weekend. Tomorrow morning I have to make my salsa cheese dip for a party tomorrow night. In the afternoon I am going to see Hairspray - the Musical. Straight from there to my cousin's birthday party - it will be Cajun food for dinner. Saturday night I will watch the Colorado/Calgary Western division lacrosse championship game on TV. Sunday I will go see the Eastern division Championship in Toronto - the Rock vrs the Buffalo Bandits. I had to take Monday off work to recover from the weekend. Maybe we'll go to the drive-in tonight!

What are your plans for the weekend?
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Going to see the Punisher sometime this weekend, my cousin's boyfriend just has to see that movie. Then I have a study group meeting on Sunday evening. Other than that I just have some things to try and get done around the apartment. Of course that usually changes at the drop of a hat on the weekends.
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This has been THE longest day! Everyone has turned into selfish brats wanting attention on their loan before everyone else! (I work for the credit department of a bank if you haven't guessed)

Tonight will be spent catching up on my emails at home and cleaning the house. Tomorrow I have a board meeting at 2, my first rehearsal with my cast at 4 and then a general meeting for the entire cast of the show at 8. I guess I'll go out for a quick dinner between.

Wish me luck talking the producer into another member for my cast. Right now I have 5 women and 1 male for a 6 character show that desperately needs 2 men.
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Just got home from the farm, been working on the pastures and cleaning out the culvert - AGAIN!!!!!!

I am starting to wonder if there is some kind of urine that I can spray around the culvert to deter the beavers.

Am going to a scrapbooking thing tonight to meet a Creative Memories person to pick up my new book and then figure out what to have for dinner.

No idea what will happen this weekend, but I hope youse have a good one!

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My weekend will consist of studying. I have finals coming up and am swamped with homework. I have several projects in Computer Science yet to finish (in EXCEL) and quite a bit of Keyboarding left to do, we are doing tables in that class right now, and both of those classes projects are due by the end of next week, so i need to get them mostly finished this weekend and then I have the next chapter in Accounting to read, and the next chapter in Consumer Economics to read, plus an assignment....whew!!!! I am just bogged down! So tonight i am taking time to relax and enjoy TCS and I even talked hubby into going out for supper later...he didn't really want to, but I begged since it has been so long since we have went out. So....we are going out later for my favorite!!! CHINESE!!!! And his mom is going ot watch Amber for us!!!
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Today dragged on. Rowdy and Buddy had a t.p. party, at 3:00 a.m. At 3:30, they decided to clear off my dresser. My alarm didn't go off and I lost 20 minutes of coffee time. In addition, Rowdy was having another t.p. party, when I got up.

On my way home, some bozo in a BMW ran the stop sign, at the end of my block and almost caused us to wreck. Then, he pulls up in front of my house and stops. He and his passenger motioned me to "go around". I had to roll down my window and tell these idiots that they were blocking MY driveway! They had the nerve, to turn around and drive back by the house and flip ME off!

My mail order, from Shepler's, was on the porch. I don't know who does their sizing but, I have to exchange the blouses - they are labeled 16-18 and I can't button them. At least, the studded jeans fit.

Tomorrow is the twins' birthday party and that should make things better. I can't wait to see the looks, on Mark and Sam's faces, when they open up that electronic piano and drum machine. Grandma. Batteries are even included!
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