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Found an abondoned cat today...

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Today when we went to church, we saw a cat laying in the sun by the back door. She looked just like my Muffy. Of course the kids watched her for a while out the window. Then, 2.5 hours later when we left, she was still there. We went out the door, and the kids pet her and she just purred and purred. It's obvious that she has recently been nursing babies since she's very engorged and painful looking. She's also very, very skinny.

Well, after we went home and ate lunch, I ran back up to church and she was still there. There was a cat carrier near her, so I really think someone abandoned her there after getting rid of her babies. (They were no where to be seen.) I couldn't stand the thought of her being out there with no food or water, so I brought up my carrier, and she walked right in. I took her home and put her in my garage. She was very hungry and ate a bunch of food. She's just so affectionate, so I'm sure she was someone's pet. She had a flea collar so tight on her neck that her hair had fallen out under it.

I'm going to put up signs to make sure she's just not lost. If I don't hear from anyone, I'm going to have to find her a home. I feel so bad for her. Just had to share...
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Dawn - I am so glad that you went to church today!
This poor baby sounds like she was really neglected. I wonder what happened to her babies? This is a good day for her- from the sounds of things, this is the best day this fur child has had in a long time. You are an for taking her home.
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Oh poor kitty. I am so glad you went back and got her!! If that was how she was treated then it would be best if her owners dont claim her.

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I just put out signs in cast this poor baby was lost or stolen (which I seriously doubt). I also called the Humane Society to see if how full they are because they usually keep the animals until they're adopted. Unfortunately, they just had a big cruelty case and are completely full now. They of course told me that I could ask friends and family if anyone wants her, but I doubt anyone I know wants any more cats. But, they did say they'll vaccinate her and give me a $35 spay coupon, so that's good news. I'll probably take her down and get this done tomorrow.

Now I'm going to go put an ad on petfinder.org, but I'm not holding my breath. Any other suggestions? (No, can't keep her myself. Hubby draws the line at 2 inside cats. Darn.)
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It looks like she went to the right place to get help. She knew where to find a guardian
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The poor kitty! I'm glad you went back and brought her home. I hope you can find her a new loving home.
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I hope her kittens are safe, but if she is still with milk, you might want to call the vets in your area and see if they know of any motherless kittens that she might adopt until her milk is gone. Just an idea to help someone who might be hand-rearing little kittens and be a bit over their heads.
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Good point, Hissy. I'll give that a try. She's very engorged, so I'm sure she has milk.
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Dawn; I wish you luck with your little abandoned mommy. I think Hissy had a great idea about trying to see if there are any little ones she could nurse in the interum. . .
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Hissy's idea is great!!!!!!!! You are such an for going back and getting her...I would have done the same thing! I hope you can find her a home....I would take her myself if I lived closer...please let us know how it goes!!!
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Is there anyway you can politely beg, grovel or plead with hubby to let her stay? What is one more cat???? Things happen for a reason ya know. Good luck. I hope she finds someone that'll love her.


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I'm just glad this cat has some shelter, even if it's just a garage, it's better than nothing!

Good luck finding her a home
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A lady at our church is going to give the cat a home! I am so happy since I know this lady is a wonderful person, and they have a very loving family. I'm going to take the cat to her this afternoon, so I've very excited. I can't wait!
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that is wonderful news! you made my day
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Yee Dawn. I wish you lived near or in Utah or I live in Texas. I would adopt her on the spot. I miss Jake so much that I need something to distract me and cure me. I don't know why. But something tells me that her babies had been killed. If she was abandonded with her being engorged and her babies are not with her, then maybe her former owners killed them. I've heard things like that happen.
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Well, I'm hoping that the old owners just gave the babies away too young and then abandoned her. It's obvious that she had been nursing, so I'm hoping this was the case.

Anyway, Jan just came and got the kitty and was on the way to the vet. She'll have a great home with lots of love. Jan and her husband have one daughter, a five year old girl with Downs Syndrome. She's a wonderful little girl, and is very loving and gentle. I think it's a perfect match.
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Oh Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO glad you found a good home for that cat...and it sounds like their little girl needs a good pet to love as much as the cat needs her! You have just made my day!
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This is good news - !
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Thats lovely news Dawn:,the little girl will love her

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