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Must be my time for vets

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Had to take Kabota (tractor butt) to the vet this morning. He came down ill a few days ago, and I did for him the best I could, but he started doing really bad so we took him in this morning. He has a bad virile infection, they gave him warming fluids, an antibiotic shot and some meds for him to take. I am to call the vet in the morning and if no improvement he goes back in for more tests. Kabota spiked a temp of 104 last night, and I rushed him into a tepid bath and he actually just wanted to lay there while the cool water was being poured over him. Not at all like my fiesty feral boy I am so used to dealing with!

BUT he does NOT have the same symptoms as Kahuna and Bailey did, this is entirely a different illness altogether. Bailey is doing great- running around the house and acting like his old self once again.
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Hissy,Hissy,Hissy... What are we going to do with you

I am sooo sorry to hear that Kabota is ill. I hope that he is able to get better soon. He is in my prayers, and you are also. I know you must be feeling like 'what else can happen'. But I promise things will get better. They all ready are, Bailey is doing great! That is good news!
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Oh Hissy Poor Kabota. It's so wonderful that you knew exactly what to do when his temp spiked so high. I'm glad the vet has identified the problem and is treating it appropriately. Kabota is in my prayers. I also pray for your strength and peace as you're faced with one challenge after another. Your babies are so fortunate that their mommy monitors them so closely and loves them so much! It just warms my heart to hear that Bailey is back to his old healthy self!
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Thanks, it is really in the numbers, when you have so many cats there is usually something going on all the time. Most of the stuff I can handle on my own, but lately things got a bit tense and outside help was needed.

I had to laugh at my vet when he came in to examine Kabota. He asked me if I looked for an abscess and I told him yep, first thing. He said, Ok then, I know I won't find one!

My claim to fame with ferals knowing how to find abscesses better than most vets! LOL
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Poor Kabota.

Hope he gets better real soon.

I'm glad that Bailey doing well.
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Kabota and Bailey are lucky to have you caring for them. I hope they are better soon.
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I got love-mugged this morning when I went upstairs! Kabota leaped at me in his typical fashion and crawled up my leg to snuggle my neck! Something he did as a kitten and dumb me thinking it was "cute" never showed him otherwise. My leg feels like shredded meat right now, but there is a smile on my face a mile wide! I put him downstairs in our bedroom, because it is supposed to get to be about 85 today and the upstairs gets really hot anyway. he is now quiet and laying on the bed looking out the window.
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Hissy I am so sorry about Kabota. You seem to have had more than your fair share. I will be be praying for you and Kabota. Pleased to hear that Bailey is doing so much better. Take good care of yourself.
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Oh Hissy to you . You are sure going through a lot lately , bless your heart .

I want you to know that you and all of your baby's ( Racer too ) are in my prayers
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I'm so happy Kabota is feeling better! Kabota loves you so much he even had to give you some extra affection this morning!
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Hissy, I am so glad Kabota is feeling better
Dori used to do that thng where she climbed up my leg to snuggle my neck when she was a kitten, she still does it once in a while. Usually though I am lucky enough that if I am wearing shorts she will jump up past my legs, she did it to the cable man once, boy was he suprised!
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Glad to hear Bailey is doing well and Kabota is better...surely must be a relief!
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Glad to hear Kabota is feeling better.
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Quite the rollercoaster in your house, Hissy! Glad Kabota is feeling better.
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Holy moly Hissy what's going on over there? LOL! I think it's a test to see how much stress you can actually handle. I'm so sorry about Kabota! I'm glad to see he's feeling much better though. I hope the mysterious illness that's going around your place finally finishes out it's course and goes away! I think you've had MORE then your share of vet visits!
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