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I am just so tired

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We have been doing fertility treatments for a while. Not only are they expensive, but I am so tired of the whole thing - it is getting very depressing. I am ready to start looking at alternatives like adoption, but my hubby isn't ready yet. I have been doing research and have found that I would like to adopt siblings - I have actually found the family I want. I can't even convince my hubby to look at them. Here is a link to them. http://www.children.gov.on.ca/CS/en/...ns/tcadopt.htm . I am so tired physically, mentally and emotionally. Any idea how I can convince the hubby that we need to seriously start looking elsewhere?
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What beautiful kids! How heartbreaking to not have a mommy and daddy to love. I would print out their photo and stick it on the fridge. Ask him if they were your children wouldn't you want a family like the two of you as parents?

With Conner on asthma medication I would find out if he is allergic to cats as this can really distress his breathing. You could then get antihistamines to combat the allergy and kep the attacks to a minimum.
I know what a pain invitro can be as my last child was concieved that way. Invitro treatments have been linked to cancer in later life. The odds go up the longer you continue the treatments. Good luck with hubby.
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Thanks for the reply. I would definately check about asthma for little Connor. That is a good idea about the picture on the fridge. In Canada you can't just adopt - there is a major process first including home visits. I just want to start that now!
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What adorable children! I bet you would give them a great home. Good luck convincing your husband - I like the picture on the fridge idea, too!
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I am so sorry you are going through a hard time. I agree with Dragonlady, print out a picture and stick it on the fridge. He has to get hungry or thirsty eventually! Good luck and lots of good energy to you, your husband, and those 3 adorable kids.
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Oh Ady....my prayers are with you...you would make the most wonderful mother in the world...whether you actually give birth to them, or adopt them...any child will be lucky to be able to call you "mom". I can understand your point...you are tired of trying. But yet I can undertand your husbands point...he is not yet ready to give up on it. One of my best freinds went through the same thing...she tried and tried and tried to get pregnant...just when she decided to just give up...guess what....she got pregnant...against all odds. The baby was born premature, 3 lbs, with losts of complications and spent two months in the hospital...but now...OMG...you should see this little boy...he is two months younger than Amber...and if he was born when he should have been he would be 4 months younger, but he is now BIGGER than she is and the most adorable little guy you've ever seen! I would say try a little longer if you can, but if you just don't have it in you anymore...then by all means, adopt....there are so many children who need good parents. **HUGS***
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Maybe you need a break, from the whole baby pursuit. Kick back, relax and enjoy your life. Would your husband be so keen on keeping up the treatments, if HE was the one going through all of shots, pills, mood swings, etc?

As for adopting, if you both aren't equally on board with it, its not going to work.
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I have to agree with Cindy. Give it a break for awhile, ady. The stress is obviously taking a toll on you.
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I've read that very often when you adopt a baby you will get pregnant yourself. They say it may be because the pressure to conceive is finally off. Apparently stress has a lot to do with it - especially when the doctors can find what is it exactly that stops you from getting pregnant in the first place.

Those children look so sweet - I want to reach out and hug them! I wonder why are they up for adoption? There's a little baby so I would guess they were all together with the parents up until not too long ago. How sad for them to be without a mommy and a daddy I think it's wonderful that you're thinking about giving them a home. The only thing is I wonder if getting 3 children, and so young, one of them only a baby, won't be too overwhelming. I know I can hardly cope with two - and I get a lot of help from my family.
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