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What is it?

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Well I love my boys, but I didn't expect them to still be having health issues almost 7 months after I got them. I know shelter cats tend to come will some illness issues, but Levi made another trip to the vet this morning. He started having liquid diarrhea at 4:30 this morning. By 7:30 he had 3 huge all liquid bowel movements. So I called the vet & they were able to get him in right away at 8. Unfortunatly there was no way I could bring them a sample. So she did her best, but for now they are both on anti-biotics & she gave me a sample cup to try & get a stool sample from Levi. It was just Levi till I got home from the vet & the Jordan went & he had a small very loose movement. So before I came to work I gave them both some chicken baby food with the antibiotic. The vet mentioned something called Gardia (sp???) what is it? She said he tested negative, but didn't feel she had enough of a sample to get a good test. I'll be going straight home after work. Any thing I should watch for, or anything I should give them to help them???? Thanks I hate feeling like I can't help my babies feel better.
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Your Vet suspects Giardia and here is a link that explains more.


Hope your babies feel better soon!
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Do you ever let your cats outside?

I know someone who's cats had giardia most likely from drinking water from the birdbath.

Hope they get better real soon,

Jill and Candy
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No they don't go outside. That's why I find this so strange. I took in a fecal sample on Saturday & it came back fine. They were both found outside so I'm wondering if they've had Giardia, or whatever this is for the whole time & it's now just bad enough to affect them. The've been on the anti-biotic since Friday & Jordan seemed better yesterday, but had another very loose stool this morning. Levi, well I guess he's slightly better, but his stool still has no form, it's not totally watery any more. I don't know I'm just worried that this is something more serious that they just haven't found yet. I guess since I just lost Smokey in September I'm still not over the feeling of impending doom. She was sick for so long I'm used to feeling like every little thing means death. I just want my babies to be better & to live good long lives.
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Once giardia, worms and parsites have been rules out ask your vet about FOOD ALLERGIES which tends to be overlooked so very easily. My Loki has food allergies (Very loose bloody stools) and is now on special food and no more problems.
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