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Val.. Please let us know what you decide!!!!!!!
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Debby, I definately will!

Right now, it is still a struggle. I actually was leaning toward adopting both, but now my husband is nervous about the whole thing.

Please excuse me for pulling my hair out.

Val :disturbed :confused2 :paranoid3 :confused3
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Hubby says we will definately take Danielle.

Now we have to decide whether to take Chili too.

That is the latest.

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Val,I would take both cats,I,m sure if they did,nt get on at first,they would soon sort their problems out,they might be too busy enjoying their new loving home!!

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If everyone would go to the "2 litterboxes or 1?" in the "Care and Grooming", you'll get your answer.

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In my opinion one can never have too many cats !!!!!!!!

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I'll sure drink to THAT one!
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Oh sure Donna....hog all the beer! I will also drink to that!!! :laughing:

Too many cats? What's that?????????
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Okay, Final Verdict...

Sorry to disappoint you guys...but I am only taking Danielle.
Upon much agonizing over the last few days, and I mean AGONIZING ....my husband and I decided today to take only Danielle.
We are just not ready to have two cats at this time, and although I am very sad about not taking Chili...(Which is totally selfish,as he will be snatched up by someone Sunday when he goes out on the adoption van)..... Danielle is the least likely of the two to be adopted. But not anymore.. The Queen, the Goddess, The Lady of the House, Danielle, will be here next week! And yes, I will keep Kodak in business and you will see this precious little lady.

Hey, who knows, if Chili ISN'T adopted on Sunday,.....I might change my mind in the next few weeks, and add him to our happy threesome, :LOL:

Thank you for all your support and advice, everyone, and I am sure I will be here asking LOTS of questions, :LOL: :LOL:

Val (Soon to be ruled by a kitty)
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Val - I am glad you made your choice and wish you a wonderful adoption!
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I agree Debra,all the very best with Danielle!!

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Jackie and Debra...

Thank you! You are all so very nice, everyone here on this board.


PS....I will also be keeping Kodak in business, so eventually Danielle will make her grand appearance
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I just want to wish you the very best with your Danielle. I am so glad you decided to take her if you were going to get the one as she has been passed over too many times. Maybe in time when you are used to one cat you might another. I think you are very wise to not go in over your head if you have any doubts. I will look forward to seeing pics of your new baby. I am getting very curious about her now.
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You said you were curious...
She is a Bi-Color white and dark brown domestic shorthair. (that is the best way I can describe her) Somewhat petite. She has the puffy red eyes, (Not the eyeballs, but the outer rims), looks like she has allergies or the flu.
At the shelter, she came to me everytime I saw her, got in my lap, and started snuggleing, nuzzling my face, gave me little licks, purrs, more nuzzling, and had a grand ole time!! The time my husband saw her, she reacted the same way with him.

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AWWW she sounds lovely and so sweet natured. Its so relaxing to have them come and purr and snuggle with you. Mine almost put me to sleep My Gabby does that too. She gives me little licks on my hands or face.
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Val...Best of luck with Danielle. I'm sure she will be very happy with her new home.
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Oh, Vjoy, how could you even consider leaving her when she loves you so! I'm sure you made the right choice. What a little love she is. I hope you and your vet will be able to help her eyes, too. It sounds like y'all will be very happy.
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"Oh, Vjoy, how could you even consider leaving her when she loves you so!"

LOL... that's why I took the little sweetie!

I am gathering all my cat paraphernailia. I should have her by the end of this week......wwheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


Thanks everyone for your support!
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