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Okay, which one to pick???

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Okay, I went to the shelter today with the hubbie. We have narrowed it down to two cats. Each different, but each beautiful in their own way. I CAN'T DECIDE!!!! aarrggggg

#1 is Chili, a one and a half year old boy, the perfect disposition that i have been looking for.

#2 is Danielle, the five year old girlthat I have been telling you all about with the eye condition. She is a little charmer.

My husband and I can't decide. I am attracted to Chili (perfect disposition), but he will in all likelyhood be adopted much more easily than Danielle, who is hard to adopt because people can't get past her eyes. If I go for Chili, I feel guilty. But then Danielle is equally charming.

OOHh what to do? My brains are frying.

Val, the confused and perplexed... :confused3 :confused2
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Oh I would go for Danielle...grin. But then I really like that name as that is my grand daughters name! And I also love female cats as I find them a bit more loving then most of the male cats I have ever had. Also like you said she is special and may not get adopted. But then you could always get both of them!!!!

Good luck,
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(from Danielle)
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My vote is for Danielle. I've had a soft spot for her since your first posting. I don't think I mentioned this but there is a blind cat named Stevie at the pound near Rene's house and I've told Rene that if nobody takes her by the time we move back east, I want her. Rene said no problem. She will be safe and warm and very loved (she is already but I want to make it permanent). I have this thing for cats that have trouble being adopted.

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I don't know if I missed you saying you can't have 2 cats, but I would get both of them. I have 2 and I will never have just one. They just have so much fun together and keep each other company. I never worry about being gone too long during the day or having to go away on a weekend for business.

2 really isn't any more trouble than one, promise!

good luck
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Thank you all for your advice.

I am still torn, but I have a feeling I will go with Danielle. I just don't know yet.

Airprincess suggested I get 2 cats. It was suggested to me at the shelter, but I have never had a pet before. The idea of 2 cats is a very daunting one at the moment. Maybe down the line...but right now, 1 is all I feel comfortable with. And I don't work, I stay home alot, so the kitty won't be lonely.

aaarrggggggggg my head hurts... picking a kitty is exhausting!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

Val :confused3 :paranoid3
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Hey..it's easy...just follow these directions. The night before DO NOT SLEEP. Drink lots of coffee and wander the house picturing first one then the other in every spot your eyes settle. About 12 cups of coffee should suffice. At the crack of dawn picture both on your bed greeting you with purrs and kitty kisses. Now awake spouse and have him drive you to the shelter...with all that coffee and no sleep you are in noooo shape to be driving. On the way there,close your eyes and imagine one kitty under each hand..all soft and purring. Don't forget to stay close to service stations...you will definitely need pit stops.

Now on arrival have spouse spin you around rapidly until you reach the cages...you will now see several of each cat. Pick out 2 different ones. You now have your answer.

In short...you are already hooked and landed,you KNOW you are...so stop fighting it. Take them both..you will never be sorry.
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I get the feeling that all of you nice people want me to either get Danielle, or both kitties. What would make me think that?

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I would get both. Kitties love to have other kitties to play with as well as their humans. But if I really had to choose I'd get Danielle because she is the least likely one to find another home to go to.
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I would get both. When you have one whats one more. Since they are not kittens they wont run you ragged. If you go away for the weekend then you dont have to feel guilty for leaving one all alone. AP is right two is no more trouble than one.

And they both sound so sweet how can you resist

Keep us posted.
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Kittyfoot is the expert here - Listen to him - you won't ever be sorry! 2 is as easy as 1 - just ask us kitty nutz - I have 6! Remember the saying someone here has as a signature - one cat leads to another!+ =
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LOL more like 1 led to 11 and now I set the limit at 20 something. I agree with the 2 is better than one, but I also know what personal limits are. It's easier to get them together than to have one take over the house and then try and bring another one in.
I am hoping Danielle gets the chance she needs
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Actually my first thought was getting both but I didn't know your situation. My first experience was getting 2 and I've never been sorry. So my second opinion, get both.

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I think you should either take Danielle or both of them.
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If it was me not you in this position . . .

I would feel hugely guilty for leaving Danielle because I would be sure she would be put down, not adopted.

But if I really wanted Chili and could only manage one, then I would also, well, resent Danielle if I took her.

Yet if Danielle was a very sweet kitty and I loved her (not just pitied her) then I would be able to leave Chili knowing he would go to someone else in the future.

If I could, I would take both. Two kitties is so very cozy and they will be chums for each other. Just like children in that respect, two amuse each other in a way that adults or humans can't. Remember too that you aren't any good to either of them if you pick one but are always dreaming of the other.

I think you need to think about what you really want deep in your heart and know that it is okay to do that. Even if it seems selfish, even if it isn't politically correct, even if it isn't what everyone here is encouraging you to do.
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I get the idea you are all leaning heavily in favor of Danielle, or both. Well...I have a lot of thinking to do.

I appreciate all your opinions, and advice. I really do.

I will let you know what I decide. In the meantime, keep that advice coming!!

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Oh I hope you take them both!!!!!!!! But if not...please don't leave poor danielle to be put down, just because she has some eye problems, and noone else might want her!
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If finanially you can handle two kitties, and if you have the space to keep them, then really two is the best option. Why? because they can grow up together, and when you leave home for work, (if you do work) they will entertain each other for the duration. They give you twice the joy, twice the love.

I would go for the one that I knew that wouldn't be adopted right away, if only one was an option. But if I could, I would take both and never be sorry.
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SunLion says:
"I would feel hugely guilty for leaving Danielle because I would be sure she would be put down, not adopted."

"I think you need to think about what you really want deep in your heart and know that it is okay to do that. Even if it seems selfish, even if it isn't politically correct, even if it isn't what everyone here is encouraging you to do."

Sunlion, Danielle would never be put down. It is a no kill shelter and she will be cared for all her life, or until someone adopts her.

Sunlion, I appreciate your support and advice. I understand two cats are company for eachother, but that isn't always feesable for the owner.
I want to do the best thing, but I know people who only have one cat, and the cat seems very happy.
I will make a decison soon. But I appreciate everyone's advice and wisdom.


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Val, get both

Is your kitty going to be an indoor only cat? If he/she is then having a kitty playmate could save your legs from being ambushed around every corner.

I was only going to get one cat because I wanted Basil to bond to me. He did, but he also needed a feline friend, mummy bleeds to easy. If anything I have found it easier since having two cats, and it certainly is snugglier.

Obviously space and finances are big factors in the number of pets you can have, but if these aren't a problem for you, get BOTH! You will thank yourself! (And us for talking you into it )

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Debbie says: "Oh I hope you take them both!!!!!!!! But if not...please don't leave poor danielle to be put down, just because she has some eye problems, and noone else might want her! "
Debbie, no no no!!!... I would NEVER leave any animal there to be put down. It is a no kill animal shelter. The cats and dogs there are all cared for all their lives, (they are not even in cages), or until they are adopted.

Please don't worry....I love animals, I love Danielle, Chili, all my babies in the FIV and FeLV rooms.....

Debbie, please don't cry. They take very good care of the animals there. Of course I know a home is the best. But she or any other cat there will NEVER be put down.

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Val.....Thank you for telling me this....I did not realize it was a no kill shelter...this makes me feel so much better!
I would say then, that the choice is up to you! Follow your heart!
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I just have to say....GET BOTH!!!!!!!!! simply because - the more cats the better! !! Its true!! Two kitties are soooooooo much fun to watch together and you get a rest when they play with each other!!! get the TWO! DO IT NOW!!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!!! woooohooooooo!!!!!!!

(You'll have to excuse me.. - I never could walk away with just ONE cat... but maybe I'm a sucker... )
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Let me tell you a little story.

Way back in 1994, I had been thinking about getting a cat. My daughter and I were visiting friends in Vermont and one of their cats had a litter of kittens. There were a pair of sister torties. They both had the same beautiful markings only on opposite sides. As I walked into the barn, they were laying on the cement, head to head. I knew instantly that I loved the one looking up at me upside down. That was Mollie Rose.

The day we left, I put them BOTH in the box to take home. I was very hesitant in taking two kittens because I was very new at this cat thing. I kept asking myself "What if it doesn't work out??" "Would I have to find homes for TWO kitties??" So I put one back.

I now have 7 cats and regret not taking Mollie Rose's twin. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure she's loved. All the Wilson House kitties are loved. But I always wonder how she's doing.

So my opinion (and advice if you want it) TAKE BOTH!!! Don't live in the days of "what if". You'll always wonder.

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if....IF....IF.... I get both danielle and chili...What if they can't stand each other, and never get along? I only have a one bedroom apartment, so I can't introduce them to each other gradually.

It would break my heart to have to bring one of the kitties back to the shelter....and it isn't fair to them.

What would I do if they just did not like each other?

Val the weary cat seaking gal :paranoid3 :paranoid3 :paranoid3
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They will probably hiss and spit at each other for a while but will work out their differenes in their own way. Just give them both lots of love and attention. Believe me, I have many cats who have become best of buds. I never regret it. Here is one suggestion. Take 2 towels. Rub each cat in a different towel and then switch towels and rub the other cat in the towel that you rubbed the first one in. Example: Towel 1 gets rubbed on cat 1. Towel 2 gets rubbed on cat 2. Towel 1 then gets rubbed on cat 2 and towel 2 gets rubbed on cat 1. This way they get each other scents on each other. Best of luck and remember, we're here for you. Good luck and I'm sure you won't regret it.

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If they are in the same shelter they probably already know each other to a certain degree so they might not be too bad. Good luck on your decision.
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If, nooooo...WHEN you get both, generally cats will get along fine - or at least tolerate each other, there are LOTS of things you can do to help them get used to each other, some of the suggestions I've heard include putting them in cat carriers (one each of course) and just putting them in the same room together ...or try rubbing each cat with something and giving it to the other cat (if you follow me..?!?!) so that they can get used to each others scent. The best thing is just don't rush them - there may well be a bit of hissing and stropy looks, but given time they usually sort themselves out pretty well, two of my cats absolutely HATED each other when I first introduced them always hissing and spitting at each other - now I can't separate them!! They are ALWAYS together!! Also it does help if they have both been spayed/neutered....

They're more likely to make friends than kill each other! Honest!!

Ooops I see that Frannie has already suggested the towel rub thingy - never mind !! Im a
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They are in the same shelter, but in different rooms. I don't know if they have ever come in contact before, but they have not been living together for some time, if ever. And the female, Danielle is a little attention hogging queen :LOL: :LOL: The boy is a gentler, attention seeking gentleman.

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Hi, Vjoy.

I'm glad it's a no-kill shelter, I haven't found any of those in my area yet, but I like to support them when I can.

When we introduced Sparky to Blackie, there was a bit of fighting and hissing. Due to the age and size difference, there were even a few times I thought Sparky was going to be lunch. But they are pretty good friends by now, maybe 6 weeks later. Of course it took a long time because this is already Blackie's home turf and he had to learn to share. Your apartment will be new for both your babies so even though they might be upset by all the changes, nobody is going to be defending territory.

We did have to separate them sometimes and give each one private time with us. We also tried to feed them from different dishes, tho' we only have room for one litter box, so at least they didn't feel threatened about food. Now they share dishes, but I think it helped in the beginning.

And this weekend we have a little kitten houseguest, and they all adjusted quite easily. So sometimes it is the individual cats.
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