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I'm an Aunt again!!!

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My sister had her baby this morning. A girl, 7 pounds, 14 oz, 20 inches long. They haven't named her yet, its up between Kendall and brother-in-law likes Kylie, but my sister says its becoming too common and he doesn't like Kendall for reasons unknown. I suggested a compromise of Kenlie and was immediately poo-pooed. I am going to see her this evening and I'm so excited!! A new baby to pinch!
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How about Kydall???
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ohhh I like that too!! I told her this morning I couldn't believe she had that baby and didn't even have a name for it.
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Congrats to the proud parents! (and auntie)

He probably thinks Kendall sounds too masculine, but I know a couple named Kenneth and Kendall, and she's anything but masculine!

How about Kaja (pronounced Kaya)?? I've always thought that's pretty.
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Congradulations to both You and the paresnts!!!!
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Or Kenlie? LOL. Good luck to them naming the baby. I hope you take pics.

Congrats on being an aunt again.
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I went to the hospital last nite and found my sister sitting out in the hall with the baby sobbing. Apparently they had a full moon and everyone was having their babies so the floor was full. The nurses moved her to another room with someone else who had 15-20 people in the room at a time making all sorts of noise, etc. They hadn't brought her a clean gown, changed her sheets or answered any of her calls. By the time I left, my brother-in-law, his aunt and cousin and my dad had showed up so my sister was feeling better. They promised to move her back to another room as soon as one was available.

Now about the baby!! Ohhhh she is soooooo sweet and sooooo tiny. Me thinks she looks like her favorite aunt Abby I was holding her and she would scrunch her face up and smack her lips together then she would go back to sleep again. Her fingers are really long and the palms of her hands are just precious.

My 2 year old neice won't let anyone claim the baby. As far as she is concerned that is her baby. My nephew even says its her baby sister not his. I wonder if she pulled him aside and yanked him around to set the rules..she is like that. 3 foot tall and full of attitude!

Still no name for the baby as of this morning. I suggested all the names from here last nite and they showed no interest...picky people! My boyfriend said they should just name her gladys and be done with it. We spent half the nite laughing at names they could name her. Oh the things that we amuse ourselves with!
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They named her (finally) Kendall Ann..My sister had named her Kylie, but my nephew threw a fit and started crying because he wanted her to be named Kendall. So they changed it.
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