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Big nasty cut while sleeping?

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When I got up this morning I got up as normal and did everything as normal.

But after a few minutes I realized that in my right arm I had a big nasty cut, which I had not even noticed. The hairs around it are even bloodstained. And when I found it, the blood had barely started to coagulate and parts of the blood had a black appearance.

It's a fairly large cut.... too large for it to have gone unoticed. I must have had it while sleeping. But with what? What could have caused it? One of the cats?

Strange... I have had pains while waking up and even bruises.... but never a cut like this.
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Any chance you sleepwalk??
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If the cut is really big is there something your could have dragged your arm across that would be sharp enought to cause it near your bed?

I suppose it's possible that it was one of your cats but surely they would have woken you up when they did it??? Either that or my cats just aren't very stealthy cause they always wake me up.

Either that or your need to stop beating yourself up while you sleep.
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I wake up with cuts and bruises all the time. I think I must beat myself in my sleep or something. Last one was about 2 weeks ago and there was even a puddle of blood on the pillow case from a cut/scratch on my elbow. I didn't even realize it till I was in the shower and it started burning. I always blame the bed frame because the edges of those are really sharp. Perhaps your arm fell off the bed and hit on it?
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Sleepwalk.... when I was little I would sleepwalk all the time.... I once even tried to use the bathroom while being on the living room. But its been quite a long time since I've sleepwalked.

I spent a while looking around the bed for something sharp that could have cut my arm.... I only found a border of a large plastic rubbermaid box that lies besides the bed... which is pretty sharp. But I don't know if it is that sharp.

The problem is not the stealthiness of my cats. Its the deepness of my sleep. My cats have even had fights (And real fights, I tell you) on top of me, and I learn about it when my parents tell me after I wake up. Saladina even sleeps on my belly and I don't learn about it!

Or I must be beating myself in my sleep or something.
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Victor, I do not know you very well, but if you have a therapist, call him/her right now. Please do not put this off.
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It may be a good idea to talk to your therapist about it..... ( I can't remember if you said you had one or not) I learned about something in my psychology class called Night Terrors. People did things in their sleep and the next morning can recall nothing. (I want to emphasize that I don't know much about the symptoms) but I know it is possible to do things to yourself at night and not remember it.

I still wouldn't knock off the possibility that one of your cats did it though. Especially if you sleep that hard! I am not a hard sleeper at all, I wake up very easily.
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Well, I haven't got yet a therapist... I suffer from depression, but the last thing I expected is that it could have anything to do with it!

At the same time let's not knock up the cats possibility.
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Victor, the reason I am so concerned is because you are depressed. If you sleepwalk, if in your subconscious you are thinking of doing something to yourself, it may happen when you are least able to fight it off. Please, call your therapist and just explain what happened. If nothing else, he/she can ease your mind and tell you it might have been your cats. I have gotten scratches from the cats also at night, but if this is a big, nasty cut, it is something else. Please call.
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Very well, I will try to check that.... you scare me like that. For the reason I think about the cats is that the shape of the cut is very similar to cuts I have had previously from cats. I have had even nastier cuts from cats. It's like something pointy (not blade like, more like a needle or point or a cat nail) had penetrated and then made a scratch through the skin for two inches.

But if that is true... then I can't put this off. You have me kinda scared about that. I though I was safer from myself when asleep.
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I'm really hoping this was just caused by an accident of some sort...maybe an over anxious cat and you slept right through it...but if not...please seek some help. If there is ANY chance you did this to yourself without realizing it, you need to find out what the deeper problems are that would make you want to hurt yourself. But then again...I have had many bruises and cuts I had no idea where they came from...I guess it depends on the severity of this cut on how worried we (and you) should be.
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I agree... I am really hoping about it being just an accident. I have always had a lot of small cuts and bruises I never learn what on earth caused it. But... this one was the nastiest "unknown" cut I remember having, and I was sleeping, and I am on a bad season of a depression.

I really need to find out what happened with that, for it has me very worried. Guess I will have to talk with the therapist when I see one. And pronto.
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Excess stress can cause sleepwalking, and apparently you have been under some. A friend of mine used to sleepwalk and find herself awake on the floor amid all her cleaning supplies. She was cleaning while she slept. It is possible that you did sleepwalk and get in contact with something sharp. The others are right. Medication is just one part of treating depression. I am amazed that your medical doctor did not prescribe therapy as well. You ought to have your parents see to this ASAP.
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Stress.... heck, yeah. You have no idea how stressful and tortuous have these past few weeks been.

I check this ASAP. Anyway, I have to go back to the doctor soon.
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Hey! I woke up with a mystery cut today on the back of my leg!

*Open the door for your mystery cut*
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