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could you pray for them?

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one of our highways have just collapsed... thank god that there we no cars involved and those on the highway reacted in time. However, three have died and one is still missing. The one that's missing, could have gotten out safe if not for the fact that he went back in to save another 8 fellow workers. He never came back out till now. He is still missing. Please send mega vibes to his family and him, hoping that they will stay strong at this time...

here's the url of the nicoll highway collapse if you are interested.


It's pretty devastating for us as we are a small country and such things have never happened to us before. Please pray for his safe return.
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How terrible I am praying for him and his family
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Lots of prayers coming from here Kate!

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Thank you so much for letting us know about this tragic event. I will be praying and will alert others to do the same.
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OMG that is horrible! They are in my thoughts!
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How awful Kate. I am praying for them.
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They have my prayers. I hope they are all eventually found alive, but especially the brave soul that went back for his coworkers.
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I just sent up a huge prayer. I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy!!! What caused the highway to collapse? I am so glad there weren't more people killed, and I pray for the families of the ones who were killed, and pray they will find the missing man who went back to save others.
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Kate is there any more news about the missing man yet?
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Please update us as when you get a chance, Kate!
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Sending prayers for all involved. Please keep us updated.
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That is terrible. Any news?
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Poor little thing! He must be So terrified! *sends prayers with all her might* Me and my cats will be hopeing for the litttle fellow!
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thanks for all your prayers... the government has called off the search after trying to find him for the last 3 days since the collapse. He is still not found... they believed he has fallen almost 8 storeys down and because of the twisted metal and all, they are unable to reach him. this is so terrible. why do the good ppl have to go through such a state?
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Originally Posted by kateang
why do the good ppl have to go through such a state?
Kate isn't this just so. So sorry
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I've been out of town and just read your update. I'm so sad for this man's family. My prayers remain with them.
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