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More Peeing - Sorry

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I read the sticky on this problem and it helped. I guess I need reassurance.

I'm a first time owner and have adopted a six month old cat from a neighbour. She visited the house before movng in so she knows the place. Her previous owner got her as a mouser and she couldn't hack it. She had a litter of kittens about amonth ago, but the neighbour destroyed them almost immediately. She is used to being outside and we live in a very rural area, but I am keeping her indoors to aclimatize. She has had one full day with us and this is her second night. She's very affectionate and spent most of her first day sleeping either on a chair or my lap. She used her litter tray overnight so she knows what it is for. She was very calm all day, we played ball, had lots of cuddles. There's just my husband and myself and although she doesn't know him that well she walked all over his study desk when he was sitting there. But she got skittish for a while in the evening.

Too much info, perhaps, but I just wanted to fill in on her background.

I found on going to bed that she had peed on it, on my side. I'm guessing she was nervous and edgy. Am I rushing things? How can I make sure this doesn't happen again?

I'm grateful for any help. Many thanks.
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First of all...bravo to you for rescuing this kitten!

My guess is that since she has been an outdoor cat for all of her 6 months of life, she just doesn't yet have all of the rules down as to where you are supposed to do what.

What you might need to do is, when you are not home, confine her to the bathroom. Put her litterbox and some food and water inside with her. Once she is regularly using the box, then you can leave her out when you are not home. My bet is that it will take her no more than another day or two to learn that only the litter box is acceptable for pottying (make sure you do not leave the bathroom rug down while she is in there, because she might learn to use it instead.

If she hasn't learned within a couple of days, look for some Cat Attract litter which will remind her of the dirt she used when outside.

Also, please wash your bedding in an enzymatic cleanser which will remove the odor./ If she detects her old pee she will use the spot again. Nok-Out is a wonderful odor remover. If you're interested I will find the link to where you can order some.

Good luck and congratulations on your kitty adoption!
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Thanks for taking in this little girl! I agree completely with Hissy and if you haven't done so please get her spayed!!!
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oooppps I meant lotsocats
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Originally Posted by lotsocats
Nok-Out is a wonderful odor remover. If you're interested I will find the link to where you can order some.
Could you post that link if you find it? I bet there's a few of us who could benefit from a tried and true product.
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Here you go-


Nok yourself out!
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Thanks for the advice. She has her area in the laundry room, with bed, box and bowl and does know what the box is for and uses it. I was advised to mix the littler with garden compost since she was used to 'going' outdoors. I will follow the advice given on the main site here about getting a box for upstairs too.

I wondered if she was disturbed by the activity. Preparing, eating and clearing avay the evening meal, getting ready for the morning etc., and this upset her. She was a bit better last night, but I have barred her from the bedrooms upstairs for a while unless I am there to supervise.

I honestly promise that before she is introduced into the outside world again she will be spayed, microchipped, tattooed (legal requirement in France), innoculated and thoroughly given the once over by the vet.
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