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Porch Kitty

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She watches me and talks and plays,
She doesn't see that I am happy in my ways
Food and water and place to snuggle,
I'm still on the porch-but not in trouble.

The mornings are best, she has time to sit
The feather toy comes out and I romp and I spit.

The door cracks open-it looks so inviting,
but what will happen if I venture in?
There's other cats, I see through the door,
but will they love me,or go to war?

The final choice is no longer mine -
she snagged me with my feather line.

I'm in and I'm warm and I'm now so secure,
Now I wonder why outside, I tried to endure.

Meow to you all!
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Nice poem, Debra. It reminded me of our situation with our little porch purrers. Hopefully, they too will soon be inside.
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Gemini - thank you! I was nervous about submitting it -as I am not very good at writing poems (as you can tell!)
I just felt little smudge needed to tell other porch babies/purrers that humans are not all bad...
Good luck with your endeavors on the porch!
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Debra; It was EXCELLENT, Girlfriend! I loved Smudge's Story. It made me smile!!!! I wish you success in capturing the Momma Kitty.
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Debra,what a lovely poem,very heart-warming
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