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Welcome Miao,

So you are from Shanghai. That is one of the places on my list to visit when I take my around the world trip with my brother. Shanghai, there is so much history there. The place is so old and ancient, unlike Kingman.

I do know there is a "big" difference between the Chinese and the Japanese but as a child, (6 to 7) I live in Okinawa. My father was a Patholigist working with the U.S. military, (we were civilians) teaching medicine. We went to Hong Kong on Christmas. We stayed at the Mandrine Hotel. At 6 and 7 you really don't grasp the political situation but I love the Asian people. I couldn't tell the difference between the Japanese and the Chinese.

We went to Sun Moon lake in Taiwan. We went an aboriginal park there. We had a blast. The dressed us up in traditional customs and let us go play. The thing that I remember best is that they had life size models (statues) of horses and you could get on them. I loved it. I so much wanted a real horse.

When my family moved back to the States we settled in Kingman, AZ. And I got my horse. Her name was Starlight. She is now waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. If you want to see what she looked like, check out the thread, "Ok, she is not a cat but I still loved her." in the Rainbow bridge.


How I wish to go to so many places like you!
Before you come to Shanghai, please try to connect me. I will take you to those historical sites that doesn't exist on the map. You know, local Shanghainese seldom go to places that travel angency or tourist guide sugget. I can take you to taste the most famous and delicious food in small restaurants that local Shanghainese likes most.
By the way, Shanghai is a modern city now. I can't say it is like metropolis in Amercia, but it is developing very very quickly. If you want to feel the history and tradition of China, Xi'an may be a better choice.