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its raining

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Its raining here this morning (thankfully as we are in serious water restrictions and drought mode at the moment) but Tipsy hates it when it rains as he wont go outside.

Poor thing is beside himself - he is so restless - doesnt know whether to sleep or eat or play or bite or climb up on the fridge or what!!

looks like the rain is settled in for the day - but now I need to keep him occupied so that I can actually work
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he was just meowing to go outside - so I let him outside - he lasted about 4 minutes in the pouring rain and now he is running around and around and around the house attacking all his toys
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Aw, poor Tipsy! It's raining here too, and we too are getting ready for water restrictions, so the rain is quite welcome. But actually it is supposed to turn to snow and up to a foot of snow by the morning where I live! Doesn't bother my kitties, though, but they are inside only.
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I originally wanted him to be an inside only cat - but not a hope that was going to happen. He is only out though when one of us is home and always is inside once it gets dark.

I did have papers all over the table until about 2 minutes ago - now they are spread out all over the floor!! Good boy Tipsy!!
usually he ignores all the papers lying around (as I work from home) but not today he says!! today if I have to stay inside I am going to make a mess!!!

haha you have to laugh at them - they are so gorgeous
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