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False pets

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Someone told me cats are "false" pets. Mine sure look real!
Could you please explain this to me? I don't know whether to be offended or not!
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I'm really not sure and I could be wrong, but I wonder if that person called cats "false" pets because they really haven't been domesticated(sp?) very long at all, and can easily return to being wild if conditions force them to do so.
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probably was said by someone that doesnt like cats. I have heard non-cat people say "cats - they arent pets"
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I think it is because cats consider themselves roommates or our bosses and only pretend to be pets to get extra treats.
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People who don't understand cats often think of cats as being aloof -- that could certainly contribute to their thinking of cats as not qualifying for the name "pet" -- if they'd only give them a chance.
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I think it comes from people with the "it's just a cat" attitude.
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Perhaps they don't like their animal friends to have any personality or character and just to sit there doing nothing.
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I agree, I think cats are pretty real too. People like have never met a cat like Toes. But then maybe they're false pets because they're more like family rather than a pet?
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Hmmm....should I be hospitalised?

I see, feel and hear a kitten purring on my lap as I type this.
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False Pets my patootie, these are as real as ya get!!!! Who said that???
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