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An Experience I'll Never Forget

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Before I share my poem. I want to share some insight to it.
I was house/dog sitting for my brother and his family while they were away on vacation. Both female, Golden Retrievers were due to have their puppies..
The first mom, (Sarah) had hers and everything went well. The second mom (Julia) was not so fortunate. She developed complications and as a result some of her puppies died...
All this overwhelmed me, because first of all I never seen puppies born and yet I was now having to deal with puppies that died...It was an experience I will never forget..
I wrote a poem about these precious pups.
It has helped me deal with the pain I feel.

Puppy Love

Tiny and so small, I tried to help you through,
breathing for only minutes, life not promised to you.
Your mother not knowing what to do,
could not extend your life for you.
Now that you crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge,
with some of the others, who's lives short lived.
Open your eyes and enjoy the view,
run all around, no harm will come to you.
I will never forget, nor do I choose to,
the moments I had, I cared for you.
I'll smile inside,
when I see a rainbow above,
thinking of my Puppy Love....

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Deb M.
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Loretta; Thank you so very much for sharing this poem and story of how the poem came about. . . . I know it was a rough time for you, but things might have been worse; had you not been there for the mother pup. . . . :angel2: :angel4:
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I am happy to say all the pups have loving homes.
Marie kept one pup, Jake.
He is special. He was born a day and a half later from his other brothers and sisters. He was so small and I didn't think he would make it but Julia just kept him close to her and cared for him so much!! Almost as if she knew he needed a little more attention than the others.
He is getting so big! His coloring is a creme color. Never saw Golden Retrievers that color before.
When I stop over their house the 4 dogs come running over and stay by me...
Marie said there's definitely a bond!!
Strange to say but Jake was born on Marie's birthday...

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Loretta,thankyou for sharing such a sad,but loving poem

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Thank you! for taking time to read my poem.

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What a sweet, caring person you are! Your poem really touched me. It's a tribute to the fact that ALL life is important, no matter how small or short. Your poem may be about the death of the puppies, but more than that it is a celebration of their life. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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Thank you for your kind words.

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