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new cat in the house

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Ok, The 1st post i did here was to help place a cat into a new home, needless to say that the new home ended up being my roommate, Andy.
I'm kinda new to the cat world, ::coughs, mumbles underbreath:: i'm a dog person...
But Athena is a very loving cat until it comes to my mini dachshund, Chelsea , yet she love my little jack russel mix, Toby.
She, Athena, is such a funny little creature. Since she is now a long term resident of the house we went to purchase her and Littermaid, she thinks it is the greatest thing since fancy feist, and a a kitty window hammock, i never have to go look for her anymore, i know exactly were the little mis priss is.
Any ideas, would be highly helpful
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Welcome to the site! Don't worry, I was actually a dog person before I became a cat lover too.

There are lots of helpful people here, so feel free to post any questions you have about Athena in our Companion Animal Forums (Health, Behavior, Care & Grooming). There are always people who will help you as best as they can.
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Welcome to TCS.

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WELCOME TO THE SITE!@!!!!Ok, first of all I've learned one new word from you- NEEDLESS!!! ( I am from Russia living in USA and never heard this before, even if the word isn't hard at all, I just never heard somebody's using it, so..)..I am going go ahead and use it right now! Needless to say- I WAS dog lover for almost ALL my life, and, back there in Russia, I only had dogs, and almost hated cats( bad bad Leeka )- no, I didn't do any bad things to cats, I just didn't really care about them, and whenn I would met cat in my friend's house- I wouldn't even try to handle princess, ( or princ! )- I just felt weird around them- like they can read my mind or something and that they are moody ( i HOPE i SPELLED THAT RIGHT) and really really mean annimals....Untill I met my granny's cat....I don't know, something just switched in my head and now I am totally in love with CATS! I adore them for their personality and for being such a great companions( My granny's cat died couple of weeks after my granny died! )...Dogs are still great, but there is one thing I've got sooo afraid is after one of my friends' dog got soooo jelous ( yaaaawik....wrong spelling- don't know right! sorry) to their new born baby and tried to kill it! Don't know why....BUT! I LOVE all kinds of annimals and don't see anything wrong with you falling in love with your princcess!!!!! Good luck and WELCOME again!
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Welcome to TCS.
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hi and welcome to the site
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