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If it weren't for my having two small children and being a single mom, I would enlist and go with no regrets.
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I've been watching this thread with some interest.
I just retired from the Marines a couple of years (33...wanted to go 35...oh well) prematurely thanks to forgetting to duck in Tikrit. Now I get to drive my wife nuts I'm very pleased to see this discussion going in such a civil manner, and you're all to be complimented.

I'm only going to ask this:

Regardless of your political views, the troops are there. Please support them.

It's a Godforsaken place to be on a good day, and it really bites on a bad one.

Back to watching.
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Semper Fi Jeff, and thank you for your service.

From the very proud daughter of a Marine - and raised as a daughter of a Marine!
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Originally Posted by grampngram

Regardless of your political views, the troops are there. Please support them.


Agreed! Personally, I feel that what we are doing is somewhat half-assed, I understand most of the reasons, but I don't agree with it.

I think we need to either pull out completely, or all out finish the job. As I see it right now, we have our soldiers' fighting with one hand tied behind their back, for the most part they can only act in a defensive role. If we are going to send them over there to fight, we should let them fight, and if we are going to tell them to try to avoid fighting, then we need to pull them out. The longer our troops have to wait until they are shot at to shoot back, the more losses we will have.

I say send in more troops, show those who would oppose us that we really do mean business, let the UN politic oblivious to the real world, and let the military hand them a country that is ready to have a government created. Once we get the country settled, we need to leave. The goal wasn't to gain a new territory, the goal was to remove a threat, the threat has been reduced, but not eliminated. Eliminate it, and move on, we need to stop wasting time and lives because our political leadership is afraid of casting an aggressive image.

Politics and War don't mix...

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Here, Here, Couldn't say more better that that! Bashing/Bitching and moaning about bush or whoever doesn't get diddly done. Protesters and the media think otherwise. But Thank you for saying that!~
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Raised Navy (5 generations). Became the Black Sheep by signing my name at age 17 fresh out of high school.

No regrets.
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I support our troops...even if I don't fully agree with all of the reasons we are over there, we are there nonetheless, and we need to finish what we started.

While I have no personal desire to be over there fighting, if I am needed, I will go.

If I had to speculate on the majority of our troops that are currently in Iraq, I would suspect that most of them would rather be back home, training instead of fighting, but I also know that they signed up to serve, and their country has given them a duty. They are fufilling thier duty, and they aren't bitching or complaining, they are simply doing what they said they would do, and they are doing the best they can.

If we don't support our troops in need, who will? Better yet, if we can't support our troops how can we expect them to support us when we need them?

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It's time for our men and women to come home
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I think I would like to use an analogy to describe the situation.

Think of the situation where a doctor tells the patient that one of his arteries is getting blocked. The doctor says there is definite blockage, its a 'slam dunk.' So they proceed with the operation to free his arteries from the danger of the blockage. Half way in the operation the doctor realised, opps there is no blockage, the operation was not necessary. What then is the doctor to do? You do not expect the doctor to stop the operation and leave the person still cut open and walk away do you? You need to close the gaping hole in the person's body.

Here is an interesting letter sent by more than 50 former British ambassadors to Tony Blair:
Here is the extracted the part of the letter dealing with Iraq.

We the undersigned former British ambassadors, high commissioners, governors and senior international officials, including some who have long experience of the Middle East and others whose experience is elsewhere, have watched with deepening concern the policies which you have followed on the Arab-Israel problem and Iraq, in close co-operation with the United States.


The conduct of the war in Iraq has made it clear that there was no effective plan for the post-Saddam settlement.

All those with experience of the area predicted that the occupation of Iraq by the Coalition forces would meet serious and stubborn resistance, as has proved to be the case.

To describe the resistance as led by terrorists, fanatics and foreigners is neither convincing nor helpful.

Policy must take account of the nature and history of Iraq, the most complex country in the region.

... The military actions of the Coalition forces must be guided by political objectives and by the requirements of the Iraq theatre itself, not by criteria remote from them.

It is not good enough to say that the use of force is a matter for local commanders.

Heavy weapons unsuited to the task in hand, inflammatory language, the current confrontations in Najaf and Falluja, all these have built up rather than isolated the opposition.

... We share your view that the British government has an interest in working as closely as possible with the United States on both these related issues, and in exerting real influence as a loyal ally.

We believe that the need for such influence is now a matter of the highest urgency.

If that is unacceptable or unwelcome there is no case for supporting policies which are doomed to failure.
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Originally Posted by grampngram

I'm only going to ask this:

Regardless of your political views, the troops are there. Please support them.

It's a Godforsaken place to be on a good day, and it really bites on a bad one.

Back to watching.
I don't believe anybody isn't supporting our troops emotionally, regardless of his/her political views. I hope that that's the one lesson we, as a country, learned from Vietnam. It's not the troops making the policies, and I would be shocked to hear any accusations of service personnel being accused of being "baby killers", etc..
Although I was against the "preemptive strike" for numerous reasons, I really think more troops are needed in Iraq, and don't believe that other countries are going to commit any (Norway is pulling its forces out after the "handover", BTW, and Poland is making noises about having been deceived by Bush). Why? I live in a country that was occupied, and that massive "Occupation" made a tremendous difference. I've only lived in areas that were under US control following WWII (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg), so I'm not going to get into the Soviet-controlled zone, etc.. More troops are needed to really take control of Iraq, even though that's going to cause a lot of resentment, which could very well last for the next two generations or so. The people there need security, a working infrastructure, and foreign investments. It was a sad day when the conference for potential foreign investors had to be cancelled because the situation there was too dangerous for the participants. Powell's alleged comments about "owning" Iraq are, IMO, right on. Now the US, UK, and other "coalition of the willing/extorted" countries have to make the streets safe, prevent a civil war, and "re-educate" the people (don't howl - it worked here, and the few remaining really diehard Nazis will be dead and buried soon, and I've seen, over the past decade or so, how it has worked in many Eastern European countries. We've been vacationing there since 1990, and my husband has a huge number of relatives living in Hungary. Things (attitudes, beliefs, hopes) have really changed). A half-a$$ed effort won't do it, and as long as there aren't enough people to really take over and pacify the country, all of those stationed there are really at risk.
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I feel really bad for our troops fighting over there, especially since they have to deal with ridiculous rebels. I think this war should have initially been to just go and capture Saddam who was a freaky tyrant and deserves to be hanged for the way he and his sons treated the iraqis. He did not give majority of the iraqi people basic fundamentals to live in such as water, electricity, etc. They certainly didn't have 'voting' rights, that was a political laughing stock. His military were ruthless towards the men, especially when trying to 'recruit' males into the military. I have heard horrible stories from some of the iraqis that escaped to live here. And now you have these ridiculous rebels interfering with trying to rebuild their country. It is a no win situation, the longer our troops stay there, the angrier the rebels will be. However, if they leave, Iraq will be in total chaos just as Afghanistan. Since the 'supposed' fall of the Taliban, that country is completely ruined and being run by different 'war lords' and there is no real stability in that country. The same will happen if our troops pull out unfortunately, but the longer they stay, the harder it will be for any peaceful resolutions to occur.

I am wondering though why there aren't any american troops in Palestine and Israel. Considering they have been fighting over 34 years now, there is no peace between those two at all and never will be until America gets the balls to stand up to the ignorant tyrants. But as Sharon said, 'we control america' and they do.
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