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bow flex

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Does anyone on here own the Bow Flex workout equipment? I'm thinking of buying one, but not sure yet. I'd like to hear what you think of it, if you own it. Is it worth the money? My dad is a personal trainer and I'd ask him, but he would tell me not to go spend $1000 on something like that. Of course he'll tell me I don't need something like that It looks like a good workout.....
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Ummmmm....... you don't..

Free weights

Lots of water

aerobic excercise

Protien Protien Protien and carbs
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I've never bought a bow flex, or any of the other exercise equipment, but I have tried a lot of other stuff.

Ken is right, the only thing that has ever worked for me is regularly doing cardio and watching my fat/sugar/carb intake.

My dad got a eliptical machine for X-mas & he barely uses it. In fact I have yet to meet someone who regularly uses their exercise equipment.

Just my 2 cents. Only you know if you'll stick to a schedule.
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