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What Names do you call your Cat(s) beside their Given Name? - Page 3

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Casey Jones -
Little Man
Mommy's Little Man

Ethel -
Thel Bell
Bean Head
Beanie Bear

Lucy -
Squeal McNeil
Miss Neil
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Stumpy: Stumpy lumps, speed-bump, king
Scarlett: Scarlett-harlot, "the princess"
Muddy: Mud-bug, Mud-E, love-bug, El Nino
Koko: Koko-nut, Koko-nutty, La Nina
Eightball: goofball
Tigger: Iggy-wigs, Tiggly-wigs, Igger, Iggs
Pinky: Pinky-winks, Pinks, Mr. Pinks (or just sing the song: you're a large one, Mr. Pinks)
Dakota & Sage: collectively the Igamu's
Sage: Sage-monkey, love muffin, muffin boy, Sagebrush
Dakota: Dakota-moo, slut kitty
Emily: Emily Patella
Oscar: Oscar-doodle-doo, Little Oscar, Big-O
Spanky: Spankums, Spanky-wanks
Bob: Bob-O, Bobbie-O, Bob-o-matic, Busy-guy, Muddy-paw-guy

And dogs:
Sam: Samalamadingdong, Sammie-guy, Sambo, blinkie-blinkie-boy
Spike: Spikeums, Spikey-wikes, Spike-o-matic, waggy-waggy-boy
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Zebra- Zebbo, Zeb, Hey Beautiful, Silly girl, baby girl
Buddy- Buddy boy, Bud, Silly boy, SKINNY booger
Spike- Spikey, Spikey boy, Spikey Spikey
Pepper- Peppy, Pep, Pep girl, Sweetie
Tango- Tango, Tangy, Hyper boy, my boy

I call all - My babies, Sweetie, Silly cats!
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Joe Kitty
Kitty Joey
Kitty Baby
Silly Kitty
Momma's boy
Lil Snot
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here are their 'pet' names...
Pixel - Pixel pie, Pretty Pixel, sweet 'P', Pixelini, Pix
Cable - Cablelicious, Cabie-babie, Cabes, Cablelly-poo
Java - Java jive, Javalina (with the 'j' sound, not 'h'), Javs, Java cat
not all of them, by any means, but those are the main ones...
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Katie comes to...

Baby Kate
Miss Cheeks
Cheeky Monkey
Little Monkey
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Princess: Poodle (Her TCS name), Padoodles, Poot Poots or Poots, Flabby Tabby, Poodley Ankers

Monster: Flibbo (TCS name) Baby boy, little man, Adorable Baby Bibstro, Poodley Inkers.
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Smudge, being a calico, was either going to be named Smudge or Smock, so we compromised for Smudgie Smock, but called her Smudge. That morphed into "Smudgie Smockers", and somehow into "Mocker". Now, unless I'm mad at her and use her real name in my mommy voice, I call her "Mocker", or "Mocka Mockers". The sweeter the voice I use, the more she loves it.
Cajun is "Secret Cajun Man" or "Cay-jone Buh-dee" when he's feeling French. (As I'm whispering it to myself wondering how to spell it he's looking at me weird)
Emily is "Quit chewing that string you little S*#t!" or "Emmies" when she's being good, which is hardly ever.
Elessar is "Willie" because my downstairs neighbor can't say Elessar and named him Willie.
Cubby has been "Cubina" or "Cubby Jane", but mostly Cubby, usually in a weird voice.
Bob and Timmy I haven't had long enough to morph. Pedro's name was Puppers from his previous owner, but it didn't stick, and Rain's name is Rainy Day, but I call her Rain. That somehow morphed into "Rain-Bert" and sometimes I just call her "Bert" or "Bert-Bert". Where that came from I'll never know, and the other one I pulled out of nowhere is "Booty-Boot" or just "Booty". What is wrong with me? God, help my human kids someday!!! P.S. I forgot to mention that all my animals prefer their names, and anything else I say, sung to them. I don't know why, cuz I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but they just love it.
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Sasha: Sashells
Damien: Dayday
Sakai: Saki
Cotton: oops that is his nickname. Given name is Kozmo
Gizmo; Gizzy

And poor Lily the pug is called Fat Butt by her daddy
And Buddy, well, he's just Buddy or sometimes Budweiser.
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Pretty Girl

everyone else calls her cwo-cwo
ki-ki (like kitty kitty, we just lazily omit the rest of the letters)
Chlo-cifer Just because it fits
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Vegas = Vegie
Glimmer = Glimmie
Freddy = Peppie
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Merlin- Merlie Swirlie Pretty Girlie
Chaser- Chaser Waser Bubba Boys
Baby- "What Baby, Baby".. say it very high pitch to her and she goes crazy
Moose- Moosey Woosey
Lily- Silly Lily
Reba- Weeba, Weeba.. "who's so pretty Weeba Weeba"
Socks- Socks Wocksy
Junie- Junie Wunie

I know, not the most original.. but my little babies.. and they go crazy when I start acting about 2 and calling them these names (which is all the time).
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Eddie is called:
Ed Stupido
Sewer Rat
Ratis Felinis
Baby Boy
Kiddiot (like kitty + idiot)
Rat Cat

I know, some sound mean but he really does answer to all.
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What a cool thread!!

Sunday - usually I call her Monday or darling. In fact, more often than by her real name!
Sashka - Little Girl, Poppet, Muffin, Poo, Kitten, Spooky
Cairo - Biro, Beautiful, Angel

The list is neverending really! Sashka NEVER gets called by her name, EVER, unless I'm calling her in at night.
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this is so cool!

Ms.Kitty- Ms.Fatty(well...she IS fat!), Fluffy Mc.fuzzball(OO I donno where THAT came from....).

Samatha- Samanator, That cat like thing, Sam, o-great-samala.

Charlie- Charlie-Warly-Poo, Sir Stinky(you don't wanna go neer his litter box afetr he go's...), Piggy McPig(acshly...I call all the cats that...), Prince Charlie, Mr.stubern, Fuzzy, Mr. never stays off my desk, Mr. annoying, Sir licks-a-lot(I've never seen such a hygenic cat...), Charlie Baby, Hey! you with the fur! stop that!, Goofy, Sneezy Mcgoober(OO that is self ecsplainatory I'm sure....), That Annoying Fur Ball(my dads nick name for him...), Mr.Weezer, Stinky. aaaannnndddd the list go's on...and on.
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My doggy Jazz is nicknamed Barrel!

My baby boy Elmo gets called Palmsy & Meowmo

My stud boy Benja gets called Benjamin Brown

Holly gets called Holly chops

Sophie gets called Soph, Soaf da loaf!

Muffin gets called Stinky

Bridget gets Bridgey, bidgey, baby girl

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TT: Troublemaker Tiara
Tiarabeera:pronouced Tiara-bee-ra

of course Toby doesn't have any nicknames yet.
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Max: Baby boy ('cause he's smaller than Alfie!)

Alfie: Big boy ('cause he's bigger than Max!)

Both: Furball, fleabag, toad, ratbag, baby, sweetpea, kitten, gorgeous, soft lad - anthing really!
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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz
I have one cat named Franz....sometimes I call him:

Babykins, yeah sickeningly sweet, I know.
Little Gentleman, cause he NEVER begs for food, waits until it's offered.
Young Man, even though he isn't, he's 8
Tess, sometimes I slip and call him by an old cats name. He's just looks
at me as if to say, "Hey, just because I'm missing some equipment, I'm
still a boy."
My Boy
Boy Wonder, he's called that by a friend, because when he first came
here he moved boxes filled with books, to get under my
kitchen sink, so he could hide!
[/u]Maestro[/u], because he's named after Franz Liszt

I almost forgot: [u]Little Man, even though he's not at 15/16 lbs
And Franz-ala I give every pet I know, even if they aren't mine a Yiddish version of their name...Trix-ala, Harr-ala, Tob-ala...Don't know why!

Her given name is Miss Kitty the princess( I was 8 when I got her) she never ever responded to this name my Dad gave her the name chi chi very early because as a kitten she was just a big ball of fur & she reminded him of a chia pet

spending 16+ years of your life with a cat you can imagine I have my own language and special names for her here are a few:

beanhead- when she is really goofy and frisky

sha sha- when she tries to ignore chi chi

moo moo mi mi- when she has that silly nonchelant look in her eyes

meme's kitty- when I (mommy or meme) am babying her
again this is just a few I could go on & on
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