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Two little "coonlets" join our household

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The two little kittens I posted pictures of about a month ago (here->http://www.cgmusic.com/ourcats.htm came to live with us last Saturday. It took them a couple of days, but now they're reallly settling in.

The little girl (Annabel Lee - "Annie") is the youngest, and the most adventuresome. She has now been all over the house. At the moment she's sleeping on my toes. The boy, "Cactus James" (Cactus, CJ), takes more time to look things over, but once he decides it's safe, he can be a ball of fire. It took him longer to warm up to us than it did Annie, but now if you put your hand down, make a loose fist, and wiggle it, he'll come and head-butt your fist.

The master of the house, Mewsette (about 4 years), hasn't gone near the kittens yet, but if one of them gets too close to her, she gives a low growl. So far, the kittens seem to mostly just ignore her. Being from a house that had at least 2 functioning males, and 3 or 4 adult girls, they're used to bigger cats being around. I'm not going to let the kittens roam the house when I can't be there to see what happens with the older cat until the growling stops. Mewsette is basically a very gentle girl, but just in case...

I'll post some pictures as soon as we have some good ones.

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Aren't they just the sweetest! And Miss Mewsette looks like a character! I'm sure she'll settle down and they will all be fast friends soon!
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Hi Jim. Mewsette is beautiful and those two little kitties are adorable. What a lovely colour Annie is. Can't wait to see more.
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