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Cat situation in Honduras

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Hi, i'm writing to vent some of the frustration I feel about the cat situation in my country . Generally the central american countries are more dog countries, but in my country the situation is ridiculous. Cats here are incredibly mistreated, in the cities nobody likes them in their houses, they throw hot water at them because most people think of them as pests, and it has even gotten to the point where some chinese restaurants have been known to put them on the menu (illegally of course). It just makes me so sad to see and hear these things as a cat lover, and the worst part is not being able to form a front against these because there is not enough people interested in the issue . I really love cats and it really frustrates me that I can't even find a scratching post for my kitty . I would really hope the animal protection associations would take an interest in these situation, but in the meantime we will do what we can . Thanks for reading me out, and sorry about the length . Hope someday this will get straightened out, and kitties will live in a world where they can be respected and loved by everyone .
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Honeydew I am so sorry everytime I read a post like yours. I will add the kittys there with you to my prayers.
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It's very sad that you are one of few that actually care about what's happening. In Puerto Rico, they have a similar problem but an organization called SATO is trying to work on the problem. I hope over time that something can be done. Also, it just goes to show that spaying and neutering pets can prevent problems like this in the US.
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Honeydew, your post moved me to tears....how awful to live in a country where cats are considered pests, and treated so badly....they do not deserve this!
I just signed a petition that Catarina sent me in the e-mail to stop the mistreatment of cats in other countries...maybe she can talk to you about this, and help somehow....she is an at this!!!

As far as you not even being able to find a scratching post to buy there, for your kitty, maybe you could order one online? I don't have any websites for that, but I know others here do.

And if you don't have a credit card to order with, maybe we could talk Airprincess into having her dad make you a small scratching post, as he makes them, and does a wonderful job!

I will pray for you.
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