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No offense but Indian food is in the bottom of my list.
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Lima Beans. Yuck. Liver. Yuck. Carrots. Yuck. Beets. Yuck. and wild meat and alot of other things that I can't think of right now.
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I don't believe that I could bring myself to eat a raw oyster. I don't even like COOKED ones! NO organ meats or animal guts, with one exception - I LOVE chicken gizzards.

Years ago, we went to a rattlesnake roast. Russ and Mark loved it. For my part - thank goodness that they had a pork roast, too.

My grandmother loved pickled pigs' feet I can't get cabbage, in any form, past my nose and the smell of tequila makes me sick.
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OMG I absolutely adore fresh tomatoes, and mushrooms and banana is one of my fave foods, onions are good, seafoods OK apart from Kina now that IS disgusting! Whitebaits yummy Kellye, although I must admit the eyes scare me the first time I had a whitebait butte, I said to my Aunty Kay.. WHAT?! You didn't cut the eyes out.. But probably my most disliked food is cheese, I love fancy cheese like brie but I can't stand tasty & chedder! Never tried liver so I can't comment on that.
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Raw tomatoes and nuts! Can't stand either!
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I can't stand pork or beef. they make me gag. also Bananas. I really am not sure why bananas do though. Deer meat and any other wild game too.
Now salads and cheese, YUMMY! I could sit and eat them all day!
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Brussels sprouts, anything other than muscle meat, peas and squid.
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Originally Posted by JasmineCat
Wow i must be weird... I actually love trying new foods, different textures, i'm a real foodie.
I ADORE fresh tomatoes, eat them raw like apples, love mushrooms, liver any type of fish..... actually thinking about it, i eat more or less anything.....

Hehe, as long as it's edible, i'm not fussed
I'm not that picky either JasmineCat, as a matter of fact you can call me a fellow foodie too, the foods I listed above (rubber mushrooms and olives), I'll try it, and don't turn much of anything down. To me, half the fun of life is trying new foods, and with a husband who has a background in commercial cooking, loves to try new recipes and watches too much Food Network, I get to do a lot of it sometimes ! Also explains why I'm not skinny !
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Originally Posted by jeeperscat
Tomatoes, but only fresh tomatoes. I eat pasta sauce, tomato ketchup & tinned tomatoes but fresh ones make me gag............... bleurgh
I am sooo with you there - funny isnt it that you can eat everything else that its made with but not the fresh ones.
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I cant eat sandwiches. Everytime I try they make me gag. All because when I was 5 I ate a sandwiche and it came straight up again - and now as a 29 year old the thought still makes me gag.

I can eat rolls or toasted sandwiches but not plain everyday ones... my mother still laughs about it to this day
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liver,mushrooms,any seafood,brussell spouts,turtle soup
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Fried Okra, or anything that resembles spam in any form.
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Tripe...plain or pickled. It's soo discusting! (Cow stomach)

I hate mushrooms, they're too smelly when they're raw and too slimey when cooked.

Scollops are gross, squid is gross...just about any seafood besides tunafish and haddock.
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Originally Posted by grampngram
Fried Okra, or anything that resembles spam in any form.
hehe that made me laugh - fried Okra - only because my girlfriends dog is called Orka - and so you could imagine what images were coming to mind!!!
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Meat, fish, foul, poulty and dairy products.
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Huggles.... that does bring an unintentional visual.



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mushrooms! I don't like them either. Fungus! Haha!
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"anything with a face" - meat, I'm a veg
Brussel sprouts
Egg salad - the smell alone
Lima beans
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I don't think we have time for mine, lol:
onions, tomatoes, celery, all condiments, fish/seafood anything from the ocean, cabbage, any type of lettuce besides just plain lettuce (romaine makes me sick), apples, zuchini, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, cilantro (even the smell of it makes me sick to my stomach...ok lets just say there are probably over 100 more food items I will never eat. I am a very very very picky eater, I also don't like a lot of meat, I like bread....peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches are my favorite!
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I hate...

all meat
all seafood
all dairy
any food that was once an animal or comes from an animal

In other words, I'm vegan. I have been since I was 14 (I'm 27 now) and will be forever. When my fiance and I have kids they will be raised vegan and will know from day one WHY they are vegan.

However, contrary to popular belief vegans don't like all plant foods. I also don't like...

any kind of Peppers
Iceberg Lettuce
Avocados (actually, I'm severely allerigc to these...I can go into anaphaltic shock and die if I even touch a counter that one has been sitting on!)
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green leafy vegetables... i can never swallow them... so no veg for me.... otherwise, i basically eat almost everything..
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Haggis, mushrooms, liver, horseradish, and tongue.

There are a few others but I won't go into it.
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Well, as I read through this thread I realized just how little there is that I don't like. I don't think anyone mentioned anything that I would have trouble eating -- some that I wouldn't go out of my way to have, but none that would cause me a problem at a strange dinner table.

I'm not that keen on canned vegetables, especially peas, but it's not a big deal.

When we were growing up, the line was that everyone was entitled to their tastes, but they had to be informed tastes. So, any kid who protested that he didn't like something before having tried it, was told point blank, "Don't give me that until you've tried it. If you still don't like it, I'll never ask you to eat it again -- unless you're in somebody else's home and it's a matter of manners."

Liver is one of our favourite things. Thanks for the reminder, Hissy! Barbecue season is upon us, and there's nothing like liver on the BBQ. Major Yum!
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I love horesradish, I often get asked do you want some beef with your horseradish sauce sandwich............. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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I realised there are quite a number of you folks who hate mushrooms. Mushrooms is one of my favourite, can consume a whole can or 4 or 5 large fresh mushrooms. mmm. I can be very happy just to have a plate of mushrooms.

Generally I do not like spicy stuff, egg plant or REALLY stinky cheese. No bananas too.

BUT The one food that I really detest is this particular Japanese delicacy that was 'forced' on me, or rather it was difficult/impolite to not eat it when the host proudly brings it up to you claiming it is the delicacy of that place. What is it? It is LIVE fish, not raw but LIVE. They are actually still swimming in the bowl of water and your eating utensil is a small little net. After that experience, even the puffer fish or fugu (Poisonous fish) pales in comparison. Actually, puffer fish is quite nice and crunchy so not really a good comparison.
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I love most foods. Even though I was vegetarian for quite a few years, still the thought of meat didn't bother me. When we were kids, we were each allowed one food that we didn't have to eat. Mine was headcheese. In general, meat with jelly just squicks me out, but in headcheese, its just gross. That, and the grainy texture of unknown substances....eeewwww. Otherwise, everything else is pretty much fair game.

My brother's food exclusion was mushrooms, my sister's was rice. And when we had rice for dinner, my dad would quote that wonderful poem

What's the matter with Mary Jane
She's crying with all her might and main
She won't eat her dinner, rice pudding again
oh what is the matter with Mary Jane.

and so on.

It didn't help, my sister still hated rice.
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