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I know that cats can have allergies. Last night when I got home from work, Pete started sneezing. He sneezed off and on all night. Of course, I hugged him, checked him, no runny eyes, he wasn't hot, he's eating, drinking. pottying, etc. How can allergies just "happen"? I know he is not sick. He was sneezing this morning too. What can I do?
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You'd have to take Pete to the vet to be properly diagnosed with allergies.

A few months ago my cat started sneezing too. I got "the Pet Magnet" from drsfostersmith.com, for $8.99. If you have rugs, even if you vacuum a few times a week you'll probably still have embedded hair in the rug. This pet magnet did a fantastic job of getting out this embedded hair, and Candy stopped sneezing. But it has a short handle and you have to get down on your hands and knees, no fun for the back.

Hope it's not allergies,

Jill and Candy
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