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I got an A!!!!!!!

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In high school I was one of those kids that almost didn't graduate...I didn't care, and college was a waste of time.

But 2 years ago I decieded I did want to go to college and now I'm at the end of my second year. I have gotten mostly B's and C's a D and an NC (Not Complete...you have to pass this porfolio for your grade to even count I didn't)

Tonight I got an email from my photography teacher saying grades posted...so I checked and I got an A!!!!! I haven't had an A since I was a freshman in high school and it was in one of those take cause you'll get an A classes.

I am so excited and just feel like screaming out I GOT AN A!!!!!! but its the middle of the night.
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I'll scream with you! Congratulations!! You must have worked so hard for that A! I'm so happy for you!
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Yay! COngratulations

I know how you feel. I have a Humanities course that I am freaking out about right now. My grade will be posted in 2 weeks. I am sooo worried because I slacked a little and think I may end up with a C. I NEED an A !!! I am still working on my Pre-reqs for the nursing program and have managed to keep a 4.0 through my first year. My teacher hasn't given us any grades back on anything so I am in the dark. I know I failed 1 test so I am soooo worried.
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Thanks so much everyone!!!!

Now I'm just trying to get finishing touches on the porfolio...2nd time hopefully I pass it.....I know I got a C in the class but if I don't pass porfolio I get another NC....scared out of my mind.

My other to classes I'm hoping for B's but might get a C in the one my final exam is what will eighther pull it to a B or leave it a C.

Good Luck squirtle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thats great news
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I never got A in my college.
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Congradulations on getting an A!!!!
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Thank You Thank You!!!!

Its been a day and I'm still just as pumped as last night

Been packing today took all the decorations off my walls...it looks so bare in here I am almost wishing I wasn't going home this has become a home to me and I will miss the girls
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Awwww Wynterangel Are you just going home for summer? If so, then you'll be back soon!
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OH THAT'S EXCITING! Wooooooohooooo! Good luck, Hope you get heaps more A's.
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Congratulations and now it must seem worth all that hard work. Well Done!
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Yes just home for the summer...but right now 3 1/2 months seem like its going to be forever......I'm staying in same area as my current room but moving in a differant room...and I don't know who my roommate will be yet...so kind of worried about what type of person I'll get.
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