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2 questions- Lonely? and an embarrasing one

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Hi all -
I just adopted my guy last weekend. See his info at this link:

They told me he is very independent and doesn't get along with other cats. But when I got him home turns out he is the sweetest most friendly cat in the world and wants lots of attention. I think he just hated being in the shelter.

So here are my questions:
1 - I work long hours, so I am only home awake with him a couple of hours a day. I worry that he is lonely so I think I should get him a companion, but I'm afraid that he will not like it and be mean to it or it will cause him distress. Does anyone have any ideas about how I might make this decision?

2 - This is a wierd one - when he comes to sit on my lap, he loves to knead (even though he is declawed), but when he is kneading he does this thing with his hips that I can only describe as "humping". I can't imagine what else it is, it reminds me of a dog getting up on your leg.... Has anyone else experienced this? its very wierd!

Thanks for any ideas!
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What I would do is try to put him in a position with another cat, in your home, and see how he reacts. If he reacts favorably, which I think is purrty likely, AND if you can provide an excellent level of care for two cats vs just the one...I would definately get him a play mate.

Regarding the "humping" behavior...I've seen it before, it's not terribly common, but so long as he has a clean bill of health from the vet, and it isn't causing any problems, I wouldn't worry about it that much. You might be able to curb the hip action if you wanted to, but I would personally worry a bit about also curbing the needing behavior. Then again...I think cats that nead are the best!

It sounds like you got your hands on a really good kitty[is there such thing as a 'bad' kitty?]...keep us posted...

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Okay...this is going to be er.....an awckward answer. One of my female cats would often look as if she was having an orgasm when she would knead on my lap. Her hips would thrust but she was not "humping" like a male dog. Did that make sense? I never figured out what was going on (I don't think I wanted to know) but she did this throughout her 18 years of life! I have never seen another cat do this.

If he is not neutered, he really might be humping for sexual arousal. Please consider having him neutered if he isn't already!
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Hi :

About the kneading thing - I would not worry about it - it's just one of his quirks.

About a friend for Max - I check your link and it did say "best in an adult only home with no other animals" - they do that for a reason and would NOT suggest it. Just get him plent of interactive toys. Yhey also have VCR tapes for kitties get one of two of them and pop them in the VCR while you are out and yes a cat tree, don't forget a cat tree.

By the way he is very handsome!!!!
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Thanks everyone. He is neutered so I don't really think he's getting all the way there... its just a bit wierd. He gets the most intense look on his face, really concentrating!

Its true, the HS said he should be an only cat, I just worry that he is lonely all day anyway. I will try the VCR idea, thats a great one!
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MaxieDean...some cats actually prefer to be the only cat. I think the other suggestions are great. Good Luck.

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I would have to agree that based on what I read, getting a second cat would not be an option for him. Thank you for rescuing him though. You are all the company he needs-
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Peedoodle does the humping thing sometimes - especially when there is a fleece blanket around - that drives him crazy. I try and ignore it because if I try and stop him, he gets mad. My mum's cat did the same thing. They were both neutered. So I think it is more common than you realise
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I was thinking about getting Oliver a companion. I have a smallish 1 bedroom apartment, with several windows for vantage points and lots of love in my heart .

However, with my financial and housing situation uncertain in the coming months, I'm not sure I can afford or want to worry about finding a home for 2 cats (finding a home for a single cat is hard enough).

I'm at a tough spot too. My time's limited, and my time with the cats will be split even more when there's 2 in the house. Oliver (my current tabby) is very affectionate and I can't see him wanting to voluntarily split time with another feline. What I would hope is that they become good friends and don't NEED me for affection, just want me to acknowledge them from time to time.

Oliver kneads as well, and is also declawed (not my choice). He likes to 'pet me back' and it's real cute. I read someone they mimick the feeding as kittens (when kneading assists in the flow of milk). The pleasure of feeding carries over into the pleasure of human affection as adults.
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