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WOOHOO!! Good News for Dogs In Denver!!

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I am SO happy!! The State legislature passed a bill and the Governor has signed it that makes breed specific dog bans ILLEGAL!!! There are 22 pit bulls or pit bull look-alikes who literally have a new lease on life today. These are the dogs who had been impounded by the City of Denver for being born. No, they didn't bite anyone, they weren't fighting dogs. They were just there. Some weren't even pits, but according the the "experts" looked like pits. Two of the dogs have already been reclaimed by their owners and are sleeping in a home again tonight.

The other part, the main part, of this legislature makes dog owners liable for damages that their dogs occur if the dog bites/attacks someone from the first instance. In the past, they were only liable if they "knew the dog is vicious". So basically that left any victims of serious dog bites by dogs who had never attacked before responsible for their own injuries, and most insurance companies don't cover injuries like that. There is a clause that negates this if the person attacked was attacked by a dog defending itself, it's owner or the owner's property, or if the person was teasing or being cruel to the dog.

Of course, the city of Denver is planning on appealing the new law, which negates their 15 year old ban on pit bulls.
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Heidi i'm not a dog lover but i'd lash out if i saw anyone harm one in any way, but i'm so pleased for your city!
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Yay! That is great news for those dogs!!!
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I personally feel the ban should stay. I have seen/heard many "family" pit bulls Ravagely attack people even their owners. Last summer was a good example. Many dog attacks, and those were only reported because of the hype at the time. There are more then a few attacks EVERY year. But OH well That's just my opinion. Not the whole states. I am glad to know that those poor pups that are doomed to be put down are safe. That is one thing I hated about the law. Any Pit bull/ Mix found in the city limits was doomed to die. Newborn to senior. I always thought they could find something more constructive to do with them.
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I am happy to see the breed ban lifted because it does condemn all of them to death, even mixes and even dogs who just *look* like it in the eyes of whoever makes that judgement. (Fox 31 did a thing on that a little while ago, they were impounding boxers, boxer mixes and such under this law...) They also had a lot of evidence from dog experts, breed experts, and even HSUS saying that no breed is more likely than another to bite or attack, so breed bans do not actually stop dog attacks. Although I will certainly conceded that with all of the backyard breeding done with this breed in particular, it is possible that some of the lines have been purposefully bred mean and somehow pawned off on unknowning owners....

But I am also happy that there isn't the leeway for people who own dogs who attack others. Until now, unless is was a seriously vicious attack, they couldn't do anything except label it a "dangerous dog" which would make the owners liable *next time*.
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I believe people need to understand, it is not the BREED! It is the owners and the people that ruin these dogs! Just one line of intentionaly brought on agression can ruin a whole litter. It isn't the breed themselves at all. I have heard of bans on german sheperds, we have one, he barks, does not bite though, is in love with his doggy brother, and thinks all our cats are his babies. Sure he has problems with obedience, but thats our fault! Ok, off my perch now.
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