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This afternoon Mr. Bails came over to the computer and jumped on my lap! His eyes are clear, his appetite is good and he about bowled me over head-bumping all over me! He has 5 more days of meds to finish, but right now he is laying on the floor playing with Kenai's ears! I am so beyond relieved! I hope this thing whatever it was is gone and doesn't hit him again, but this is the time of the evening that he would start going downhill and I don't see any evidence of that happening so far (knocking furiously on wood here)
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So glad he is better! Keep up the good health Bailey!
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Oh gosh Hissy you sure are going trhough some big stuff right now
I am so happy that Bailey is feeling better .

I will say some prayers for all of your baby's and also for you
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I'm so glad that Bailey is improving. Keep up the good work Bailey and mom.

Some more prayers and healing vibes for you all.
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Hooray for Bailey !

I am so glad Hissy! I hope he continues to get well!
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for Bailey
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That's relieving news. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he continues to improve!
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Glad he's feeling better.

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He is still doing good- We are continuing down the optimistic path that he has kicked this thing-
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Fabulous news Hissy about time you had some good luck.
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So glad he is doing better! Hope he continues to get stronger everyday and back to normal.
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That is great news .

I keep praying
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Yay for Bailey!
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I'm so happy to hear Bailey is improving!!

Will keep sending positive and healing thoughts his way.
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What a relief!
Yeah Bailey!
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I am so happy for jumping for joy
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GO Bailey go! I'm so glad he's getting better!
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