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Another Porch Purrer?

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We may have another stray on our hands! :blubturq: We've seen this kitty around for the past few days. She doesn't seem to have a home. My girls are going to ask around tomorrow to see if she belongs to a neighbor. She came right over to us tonight, meowing. We could pet her and hold her and she was purring like crazy. At first we thought she was a Russian Blue. She has a beautiful blue-gray coat that is sooo soft and vivid green eyes. The fur around her face is a little lighter than the rest of her coat. But when we looked at her paw pads we saw that they were also gray. Darn! So I guess if she doesn't belong to anybody around here we'll be taking her in too. Our dog is going mad! She doesn't mind the 2 we already have but now we have 4 on the front porch and 1 on the back porch. She's not a happy puppy!! We think our Dusty is telling all these kitties to come to our house because he knows we will take care of them.

If this kitty doesn't belong to anyone, how can we tell if she has been spayed or not? Can the vet tell somehow by looking at her? She probably hasn't, but I wouldn't want to take her to get spayed and find out afterwards that she already was. She looks to be less than a year old.
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The vet should be able to shave the kitty's tummy and look for a surgery scar.

Have you picked out a name for your new cat?
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Alexnell...Thanks for the info.
No, we haven't given her a name yet. First we need to find out if she belongs to somebody around here. We are hoping she doesn't belong to the people right next door to us for many reasons, but mostly because we saw their kids throwing stones at her the other day.
We don't have too many neighbors out where we live so it shouldn't take very long to find out if she already has a home. She's such a pretty cat. I really wouldn't mind keeping her myself.
My girls wanted to bring her in last night and have her stay in their room. I told them she had better stay out in case she does belong to someone nearby.
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Gemini; and so it begins. . . . . A few innocent "Porch Purrers" (love that name LOL ) one day, and, before you know it they are calling YOU "That CRAZY Cat Lady" and you are so-o-o-o-o-o young! Think of how many you could have by the time you are my age. . . . . I must admit this last kitty sounds like a beauty. I would be tempted to keep her also! Yes, I firmly believe that animals, in their own way, tell other animals where to go for "sympathic Humans"
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TLK...You can't be that old!!
I grew up on a farm and we had a lot of barn cats. I was only allowed to have 1 in the house as a pet. I felt sorry for the others and would occasionally sneak a couple in to play with when my mom and dad weren't around.
I love kitties but am not really looking to fill my house up with them. :laughing: :laughing2
My girls, on the other hand, feel the more the merrier!
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The kitties have put up a BIG sign!
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Gemini; Debra was right about the big sign, but she forgot to mention that the roof of your house has also been marked with an "Invivible to the Human Eye" sign to signal Alien Cats from outer space. . . . .:dali::jarswim:
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3LK - so that is it!!!!hehehehe.
I wondered how the alien kitties found their way to me!
You have now answered that question.
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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 That's all I need...alien cats to top it off!!
Well, it looks like the pretty little gray kitty is ours now. After we saw a guy next door throw a ball at the cats head, which made her run so their dog would run after her, my daughter, Katie, went out to find her. The guy asked if she was ours and she said no, we thought she was yours and then he had the dog chase her up a tree so I told Katie to bring her in the house if she came down. I wasn't going to allow them to torment the poor little thing anymore. The girls asked the other neighbors if she belonged to any of them and everyone said no, but she had visited all of them. She's lying in a chair next to me as I write. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, she has a name now. We named her Silver Mist. We are calling her Misty.
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Oh Pat....The little kitty sounds adorable!!! I have a little kitty that sounds just like it, but she is only about a month old, maybe a little more than a month. One of my cats had three kittens down at the barn, and brought them up to meet us finally, and two are pure black, and my brother wants them, so when they are a bit older, he will take them home...and the other is my little sweetheart, a grey-blue kitty with big greenish blue eyes! I have named her Sabrina, and every now and then I sneak her in the house to take a nap with me!! (when hubbys not around) I hope you get to keep this little kitty!
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Gemini and family; Misty is a very lucky little kitty. I can tell she is already got her claws in your heart. I am so glad she is safe now.
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Debby...I wish I knew how old this little kitty is. I'd guess at around 6 months give or take a month or two. I bet your little kitties are real cute. If Sabrina looks like our new addition, she must be adorable! We have a cat that is all black too, Spooky is his name.
TLK...She definitely has her claws in our hearts! She's a real cutie...and she loves pizza and ice cream too!! We learned it's not a good idea to try and eat in the same room as her. :laughing2
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Oh Sabrina is adorable!!! She is only about 7 inches long....and I am guessing here....but she walks, and is trying to eat solid cat food, and she is so soft!!!!! I think I am in love!!!!!!!!!

Funny you mentioned the stepson, who is 11, tried feeding her some ice-cream today, and came into the kitchen and told me he thought she was mad at him....I said, why? and he said....cause I tried to give her some of my ice-cream, and she ate a bit of it, and it was too cold for her, and she arched up, and ran away!! :laughing:
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Dear Pat,

You're a very kind lady! Have a great time with you new youngin

Love, Peace &
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Pat,I bet little Misty is saying to herself"ahh,home sweet homeShe is a very lucky kitty to have found you

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Debby...The ice cream thing is a touchy subject here. Speckals could care less about ice cream, so she isn't a problem. Spooky, on the other hand, found that ice cream was pretty tasty. I always gave a little of mine to Dusty. He was 16 years old and he loved summertime because he knew there would be ice cream. He left us a couple months ago. I had told Spooky that when Dusty was gone then he would get the ice cream. (My kids would give him some occasionally). Now Misty is in our lives and Spooky is sad when he knows somebody has some ice cream. The girls have Misty in their room so he thinks she is getting it instead of him. I noticed though that they are leaving their dish in the hallway for Spooky but very soon Misty will have the run of the house, too, then there will have to be some sharing going on around here.

Cat...Thanks for the compliment. I have a soft spot in my heart when it comes to kitties!!

Jackie...I think she is very happy here. She seems to be adjusting quite well. We'll see what happens after her trip to the vet this weekend and she can meet the other feline members of the family. Could be interesting!
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Just thought I'd let you know, Misty went to see the vet this morning and tested negative for FIV and FeLV. She received a good report from the vet and will be returning in about 3 weeks for her booster shot. The vet said she is about 6 months old so she will also be getting spayed in the near future. Now we are in the process of introducing her to our other cats and our dog. There has been some growling and hissing and a couple swats were exchanged between Spooky and Misty but other than that it seems to be going pretty well.

We finally have a picture of her!
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Gemini; So happy to hear the positive news on Misty! She is adorable and I hope she "settles in" real soon.
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Misty is so sweet! Good job!
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Oh! She is lovely.... I was reading all this thread and thinking: a pic, a pic... I want to see a pic, and finally at last....

She is lucky!

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Awwwww..Pat, she is so precious...My Sharky and Job are that color but she has the prettiest little feminine :kitty5: face She even lays down like a prissy little thing :laughing2 :LOL: Thank you for the pic She's so beautiful!

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I don't think that picture really does her justice but I only had 2 pics left on that roll and that was the best of the 2. I will definitely be taking more soon.

She's a kitty with an attitude for sure! She can be so sweet one minute and the next she'll be trying to take a chunk out of someone's hand . Then we take a look at her pretty little innocent face and just have to love her.
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Pat, she bites you? Wow, does she go for you aggressively or is she giving those love bites? Boy, talk about looks can be deceiving! :laughing2 :LOL: :LOL: Well, I'd put up with it...that's just the way I am too! :LOL: :LOL:

Love & Peace
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Cat...I wouldn't exactly call them love bites. They are usually done in play though. She loves to "attack". She's pretty rough sometimes (we're trying to break her of that). It's possible that some of it is aggression when she's had enough and wants to be left alone. I have a feeling she was abandoned because of her bad habits of biting and getting on the counter, etc. I don't really have a problem with her because I realize she's young and will do these things. Some of her habits will need to be corrected, but heck, at least one of cats gets on the counter when we aren't around and they are 6 years old. The little black hairs all over the place give that away! :laughing2
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Originally posted by gemini
...because I realize she's young and will do these things. Some of her habits will need to be corrected, but heck, at least one of cats gets on the counter when we aren't around and they are 6 years old. The little black hairs all over the place give that away! :laughing2
Pat :angel2::daisy:

You're so funny! I love what you said about that she's young but will do this! Mine have no mercy on me! Some of her habits will need to be corrected is so cute! Please, I'm gonna give you my address and you can correct my cats! :laughing2...My cats are rotten! They do whatever they want; they get away with pure murder they run the show around here; but I'm in love with them! By no means am I being disrespectful to you! I just founda a bit of humour in what you said, because my cats know immediately that they can just walk all over me and I'm not gonna say a thing. I wish I had the courage to confront them! :laughing2 EEEEks...I hope I'm not alone on that one! :laughing2

Love ya....
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Pat - I am sending my address too - mine have a lot of behaviors that I wast fixed!!!!!!!!Maybe you can be famous as the 'cat whisperer' - you know like the horsie guy?!
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I am really glad everything went well for Misty at the vets! She is such a beautiful cat!
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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 Maybe I have my work cut out for me!! All of the cats I had in the past and the ones we have now are pretty docile compared to Misty. She's quite the free spirit. That's OK. I'll love her no matter what she does!

Come to think of it, I didn't really train Spooky and Speckals. They trained me. I learned to keep my potted plants out of reach and everything else I didn't want them to get into. Sorry, Cat and Deb, guess I won't be helping you out with your kitties behavior problems after all. :laughing2 :laughing2
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Hi Pat :angel2::daisy:

Well, I tried! :laughing2 :laughing2

Love ya :daisy:

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