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Please join me in saluting dtolle!

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Hey gang, Daniela has decided to step down from the Mod Squad. I, for one, want to thank her for all the good times and all of her valuable contributions to TCS. Don't be a stranger, Daniela!

(I got to use the new smilie first! )
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Daniela, you have done an admirable job as a Mod. It will definitely be strange not to see your name with The Mod Squad.

Don't be a stranger around here, just sit back and ENJOY!!!
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So sorry that you are no longer in the Mod Squad, but I wish you all the best and I hope everything is okay.
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Where did our Chief Troll Patrol go?:troll: Daniela thanks for being part of the mod squadders for as long as you did. Don't be a stranger to these parts!
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I still miss THIS! (Even though this one isn't quite the same with the black background, I don't know where the other one is.....)

Daniela, thank you for helping me learn how to be a better member of the mod squad. You've been so busy in your personal life you've already been missed around here, but now that you can just come to TCS for fun and games, PLEASE do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Daniela, I'm sorry you're leaving the mod squad. I have always enjoyed reading your posts, and I hope you will continue to participate on the boards.
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Thanks for all the effort that you have put in during the times you are on the mod.
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I still don't think it's a good idea... We will miss you around the watering hole, but I hope you'll stay around and post!

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Sorry to see you go. Looking for a replacement :hint: :hint:

No just kidding...

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Aww,thanks guys.For those that are wondering why, I had to step down, I Just don't have the time any longer to dedicate so much here. I enjoyed being a mod for quite some time, and I intend to still come around. I just can't 'work' here any longer. Time just isn't on my side these days!! I have been a member though for 3 years, so I'm not just going to leave! I'm still an active member, just not a moderator.

Don't worry though, I will not disappear. So you will see me around and posting still. But no more PM's requesting me to move threads around!!'ll have to hit up the other lounge mods now!

Anyways, thanks again for the goodbye thread Deb, you are the best!

See you guys around....probably in IMO now that I don't have to behave so much!!!! LOL

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Daniela...... We will miss You as part of the Mod Squad. But we welcome you to as a civillian(sp).
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Daniella, thanks for all your hard work as a mod It's good to hear you'll still be around!
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Daniela, thanks for all the hard work that you've done here, have always enjoyed your posts too. Hope you don't make yourself a stranger!
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I'm glad you're still going to be an active member!
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
Daniela, thanks for all the hard work that you've done here, have always enjoyed your posts too. Hope you don't make yourself a stranger!

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Salute Daniela! Glad to know you ain't leaving!

You've done a very great job all this time as a mod.

I know that I am supposed to be 18 for that, but if you are looking for a replacement I have experience. I am a mod at a video game forum.... and those forums are not characterized for their civility... so I have a lot of in the job experience about moderating.

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Thanks for all you have done! You have done an amazing job.
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Ooooh Deb! I was going to start this thread. Don't ask me why I've been waiting though - I guess I was in denial!

Daniela! Let me take this opportunity to say a

BIG BIG Thank You!!!!

You were a wonderful level-headed mod and it's been a real pleasure working with you! You have brought so much to these forums as a mod and were a great team player!

I definitely intend to keep seeing you around, so this is by no way a goodbye, but I will miss you in the mods lounge as well.

And a side note - we are not looking for a replacement for Daniela. There are thoughts about updating the whole site team structure so there will be "positions" opening up soon. But not just yet and probably not "mod jobs".
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I sure am gonna miss you on the Mod Squad!

You have been an inspiration to me. Come back and visit soon!
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Daniela...I am really going to miss you as a mod, but I know you will check in here as often as you can, just to visit. We all love you, and even though I am losing a fellow mod, I am not losing a friend...
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Definitly thanks for all your hardwork. Good to hear you're not going forever!

Cya round.
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