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I already know the answer that most of you are going to give me to this question - but I also need some advice.

My husband has finally agreed to getting a 2nd kitten. I started talking last night about how it would be good for Tipsy to have a brother but I NEVER in my life thought he would agree (He isnt a cat person at all - although he does of course adore Tipsy).
I always wanted to get 2 kittens at the same time - and nearly came home with Tipsy and his sister from the shelter. Chris has never been keen on it - I dont know what changed last night - and I hardly even hassled him about it!!

Anyway the question - Tipsy is now 7 months old and I am sure he isnt too old to introduce a new kitten into the household is it?.

But how do I do this successfully - ie so Tipsy doesnt get his nose out of joint - I am really nervous that he wont get along with a new kitten in the house and I dont know how to cope with that if it happened.

I know most people here have more than 1 cat and I am interested to know how it all worked - if that makes sense.


Danielle & Tipsy
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Danielle, I did mine the other way around (by accident). I had two 8 weeks old kittens and two weeks later two 7month old kitties came to stay. I had to keep them in separate rooms for a few weeks, but I kept on letting them sniff each other at an open door. There was a lot of spitting and hissing from my little female kitten, and then all at once they accepted each other. They sleep together now, play together, eat together etc. It doesn't always happen like this but someone more experienced than I will come back to you.
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Introducing a second cat is better done young than old, but I don't really think there is such a thing as "too old." Animals almost always adjust to each other. Your cat will be more than happy to have a friend to show the ropes after a couple of weeks or less.
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....and yet at the same time I have two cats in my household which do not get along at all. One is a female of about 12 years of age named Sasha. She was a long time resident here with a second older cat. Then I brought in my bengal at about one year of age, Toby. Sasha is prone to possession by the devil, but is for the most part extremely lazy and private. Toby is high energy, high strung, curious and with a tendency to really enjoy sniffing other cats butts. It has been about a year and she still hisses when he's in a 2-4 foot radius.
So ya, there are some cases of extreme personality clashing. But your cat(s) are still young and the older will probably be able to mold the younger into a position of submission. I suggest you get a kitten of the opposite sex.
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Originally Posted by Lynx
.... I suggest you get a kitten of the opposite sex.
oh really? I have only ever had male animals and so I would of just got another male kitten...
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For some reason I thought your cat was a girl. I've never had a problem with two males. In fact I don't think I'd ever have a female cat if I had choice. Boys are more stable in their moods if they are neutered.
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I have 4 cats and the problems are with the 2 neutered males! The 2 girls are great and easy to get along with. The 2 "Guys" are forever trying to fight and do carry on.
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Originally posted by Lynx
....and yet at the same time I have two cats in my household which do not get along at all.
You said Sasha is about 12 years old...my cat Snowball is 12 1/2 years old and has started slowing down. Perhaps Sasha is having a hard time coping with Toby's higher level of energy?
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Oh definitly Lorie. Plus I don't think she appreciates Toby's constant efforts to sniff her butt. She'll be sleeping peacefully on the couch and Toby will slowly creep up from the side of the couch, ears all down like a cat hunting in the wild...to which she'll wake up spitting fire. So she's totally on edge knowing that he could be approaching her at any time. Quite often if there is a person near her at the same time Toby walks by she'll freak out on them as well. I feel quite badly for her, but Toby really is harmless and only wants to get to know her.
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