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The world's oldest cat.

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This is what I found in my regular cat magazine.

Two cats are competing for the title World's Oldest Cat.

They live 3000 miles away from each other. The competitors are:

Whiskey he is believed to be 33 years old and is a lovely balck and white kittie who lives in Essex England

Toutoune he is beleived to be 35 years old and lives in Quebec

Whiskey was found on March 17th 1971 in a dustbin in East London. His eyes were still closed. She heard the squeaking and went to the bin where she found 8 kits covered in gunge. There was only 2 of them alive. She wrapped them in a wolly hat. The other kit died after a few days but now 33 years later Whiskey is still with us. Isn't that a marvellous story. She fed him on baby milk until he could eat. He has lost most of his teeth and has only ever had to go to the vet twice in his life. He is strong and healthy now. His favourite food is rabbit flavoured Whiskas and his favourite titbit is prawns.

They are now waiting for a vet to verify their age to prove who is oldest.

The oldest ever living cat who currently holds the title is a tie break by Ma from Devon, England who was a female tabby and Grandpa Rex Allen who lived in Texas. Both cats lived until they were 34.
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Are there any pictures?
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There is only a picture of Whiskey. He has a black back and head with a white stripe down his nose and a white chest. Can't see his legs or tail. He has small black ears, white whiskers which are quite long and very pale green eyes which have a few markings in the iris, I think age marks. Whiskey also has a tiny black spot on his pink skin nose. He is a beaut.
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Here is a picture of Whiskey and his owner. What a gorgeous boy
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he's adorable

wow that's an old cat
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Wow! That is a really long time for a cat to live. It says he eats Whiskas cat food.... Interesting.
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WOW and he is still very beautiful too

Thanks for sharing this one with us
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He looks FANTASTIC for his age. He looks like a youngster.
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What a beauty. I guess I have something to shoot for now huh? I'll have a talk with the boys tonight and let them know how long I expect them to live.
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So much for not feeding your cat Whiskas, and regular vet visits! He must have the constitution of an ox.
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With the exact date 17th March 1971, location and description of where he was found as a kitten with his eyes still closed, the number of kittens found in that gunge etc., if the person(s) who dumped those poor kitties in that gunge recognise that this is one of those kitties, and I wonder if they have any conscience and what they feel about it. Just an idle thought.

My stepson found a little kitten in a cardboard box that was thrown in a river when he was a child. He took it home and it lived to be 23.
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I don't know about the cat food....but in the last two years of our cat Friskie's life we had to feed her whiskas beef flavor....that was ALL she could keep down and believe me we tried EVERYTHING. She lived to be 23.
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What a pretty boy! He seems to look pretty healthy, too!
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