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Thank you TCS!

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I have finally found that purrfect cat site! I love it here! As you can see,I just started posting yesterday,and already,I am a young cat! Everyone is nice,I have lots of wonderful,kind people welcoming me(now on my buddy list) I love the board topics,the backround,everything! I hope this is the right boar for this. Anyway,I just wanted to say thanks!
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Thank you! It's the members that make this into such a wonderful community! I hope you get a chance to explore the rest of the site, the articles, e-cards, cat pages etc.

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Of coarse I will!
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I just want to put my too cents==>> I ADMIRE THIS SITE, people, who reated it and who joined it!!!!! Forum, articles, e-cards- everything is just really great! This is the best CAT and people community on the web!!!!!!
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You said it!
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Thank you both! And thanks again to the wonderful team of mods and to our members!
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I have lurked for awhile and just joined up. I like the new look and the ability to log in at the top. The only thing I don't like is the the non-editing "edit" function. In one of my threads, I noticed that I had made a mistake but couldn't correct it. I was only given the option to delete the thread not to edit it. Could you change that?
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Are you using the icon (one of the three icons that appear on the bottom right-hand side of all your posts)? Click on that and if you scroll down further on that page, you'll see the box where you can edit your post.
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I see what happened. My system was very slow bringing up the pages. It fooled me because the first thing you see is only the Delete button, and the actual edit function then comes up later.
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Glad you saw that later on.
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