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new kitten...

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My freind and I went to the pet store to get cat food today.
While i was leaving the store i noticed a lady with two small himalayan kittens....boy where they cute...
anyway to make a long story short i brought one home....
she is now in my room with a baby gate up....I have let the other cats sniff her through the gate and the other cats are fine but she throws a growling fit
This is normal though right???
I thought it would be my cats who threw the fit...oh yeah she doesnt like the dog either....hopefully she will get used to them....I used the vanilla trick...anyone got any other ideas???
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Just give it time. It's going to take a lot longer than one day
Maybe have her only see one animal at a time. She is probably scared of seeing a lot of new animals all at once. Get a Feliway plug in too and plug it in the main room of your house.

It will probly take a week or more for her to get used to them!
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I am glad to see you got another kitten. Give it time is right, it is way to early for her to adjust to everything. Any idea how old she is?
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she is eight weeks old
she is so affectionate...
and very pretty....
I still miss willow though...

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I figured it would take time
But i thought my cats would be the ones that got mad....not the new one...LOL
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Oh what happened to Willow? I thought you just had Bob and Nico? Shows how behind I am on posts. Congrats on the new kitten.
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willow was a 4 week old stray I found....she started having seizures soon after...and we had to help her pass over

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Congrats. on your new furbaby Lorien. What are you going to call her? I don't know Himalayans. What does she look like?
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Oh Lorien, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Cilla- have a look at the cat in my siggy, she's a persian just like Lorien's girl. Himalayen(sp?) is a color variety of the persian breed.
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Thanks for that Sam. I have always noticed the beautiful colour of your cat. My eyes are not too good but I am right in thinking your cat's name is Holly? She(?) is a real beaut.
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Himmy's have the same body structure and long hair like a regular Persian, but the markings are tipped like a Siamese cat.
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Obviously I love Himmis
Cilla the cats in my signature are Himmis- a Blue point and a Cream point,
Cuddly affectionate beautiful cats
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Catherine your cats are beautiful and when you add affectionate as well, it really makes me want one. I have met so many beautiful cats since coming on this site. It is incredible. I would like a Himmi, a Bob Cat (I am in love with Amber), a Bengal and the list goes on and on. If only I was rich and lived in a mansion.
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