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Here We Go Again!

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I got a call yesterday from a woman that said she saw my name on a web page (I’m assuming AzCATs). It turned out she works for the same Company and is in one of the buildings across the street from the building I work in. Of course her call was concerning a mom cat and 3 kittens. To make a long story short…we’re going to help trap them and then foster until the kittens are old enough for adoption. We will then relocate the mom cat at the park. It’s not the best idea to relocate, but it’s much better than leaving her here where they trap and turn them in for euthanasia! Rescue is never ending, but it does have its rewards. Wish us luck in successfully trapping all of them
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It is never ending isn't it! Thank goodness there are people like you out there to help. And, thank goodness this lady looked for help rather than simply euthanizing the cats.

Good luck getting them all. Sigh.......
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It's one of those "small world" stories that sounds like it's going to have a happy ending. I sure hope so, anyway. Good luck trapping and relocating momma!!!!!!
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Good Luck trapping this cat and her kittens.

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We got momma last night! Now we need to get the 3 kittens. They're old enough to eat soft food so I'm hoping with mom at the vet today being spayed, they'll get hungry enough to go in the trap! Wish us luck!
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I just got the 3 kittens!! They are adorable!!! YIPPEEEEE
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Way to go Lisa! 4 more cats on their ways to happier and healthier lives.
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Wow! Four cats in one day! Woo Hoo!!! I can't wait to see pictures!
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Congrats Lisa!!! Way to go capturing all 4 of them.

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