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Cleo's Cat Family - Pics

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Cleo asked me to post these pictures of her babies since her browser is still acting up. Here's one of Gilligan.
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Another of Gilligan
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One more of Gilligan.
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Here's one of LilyBelle
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Another of LilyBelle
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Last one - Cagney in all her pregnant glory.
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Oh Dawn...Thank you!

I didn't expect you to post ALL of them...but I'm glad you did! :LOL:

I just couldnt decide, since they all show such different sides of the kids' personalities!

Thanks again, you rock!
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Oh yeah, the pic of Cagney shows her in her favorite spot in the house...right next to their "water dish"!
All 3 cats love that fountain, I reccomend everyone get one!
I have to fill it daily, if I don't the motor makes awful noises, and so do the Cats! :laughing2:
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Your kitties are beautiful!!
And that fountain is cool!!
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In the second picture, it looks like Gilligan is trying to whisper some classified info. Too cute.
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Cleo; Gilligan is such a love! I never thought about getting my cats a fountain. What fun!!! My twins would probably LOVE one (or two) Fountains are all the "rage" in decorating right now. . . . . I really will look into getting one. It cracks me up how they think it is a "Fancy Water Dish" :laughing2 When is Cagney due? I can't believe how many members are having kittens this summer. Here's hoping you can find loving homes for all of them and then get Mommy spayed!
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Very cute pictures. What kind of cat is Gilligan?
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Cagney had her kittens a week ago, they're 10 days old today. She had 5, but after hand feeding one for 2 days, we lost her
We now have 2 white males and 2 lilac/blue females...all beautiful!
The kittens look part Meezer...as is Cagney, but I have no idea as to the Daddy so Who Knows?
I had made an appt. to have Cag spayed, but she escaped 3 days before it...and Voila! I guess she just wanted one last romp! :LOL:
As soon as babies are weaned, she's going in.

I have no clue what GilliGoon is, I inherited him from my son, and he doesnt even know his age....damn kids!
He's a darling kitty though, just wish he'd stop trying to nurse on EVERYTHING!

I got the fountain for $5 at a yard sale, in the box! The man I bought it from said he set it up, and the next day his 3 yr old had the rocks all over the house, so he took it apart and that was that!
I see them at WalMart, Walgreens, BiMart etc for between $25-$45...this one goes for about $30....I highly reccomend them, for the cats, and just the peaceful feeling they create.
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Your cats are lovely. Thanks for sharing.
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Cleo your cats are beautiful,Cagney's kittens sound adorable

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your babies are truelly adorable!!!

Dawn, thanks for posting them
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Your cats are beautiful !!!
I agree with you about the water fountains. I have several of them around my apt. and my cat likes to watch the water and dip his paw in it. It's cute to watch him. Not to mention the calming effect they have...

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Cleo, all of your cats are gorgeous. Gilligan looks like Basil when he was a kitten. Except Basil has a kink in the end of his tail. (It makes him special you know )
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I just needed to bring this back up to the top so a couple friends could find it more easily :

Just showing off my family!
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