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Moving cat to new city

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I need help and advice. I'm moving a 2-year old cat to a new city. He's always lived in the same neighborhood and I'm worried about how long it will take him to adjust to a new house, new neighborhood, new yard, new neighbors, etc.

He's a very lovable, inside/outside cat. In other words, Raymond likes to play outside all day (and does not have any boundaries - he just always stayed in the neighborhood) but come in to sleep at night. Sometimes, he'll come in for a little visit, but then he's right back outside.

How long will he miss his old home? Is there any threat that he might run away?

Any guidance on how I should approach this will sure be appreciated!
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Yes, cats can get very depressed about a move. It is usually best to keep them indoors in the new house for about a month. Maybe put him in a closed room until all is put away and settled, then let him out to the rest of the house to explore. When it has been about a month and he seems settled, let him go outside and watch him. Please don't give in because he is whining, you may take a chance on him trying to find his old roaming grounds. Good luck with your move..
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Hi Susan

I've always heard that you should keep a cat indoors for 6-8 weeks after you move, so that he can get used to his new surroundings. I did just that with my cat when he was 2. I finally did let him out again, and the first night he got lost! He came to the door 3 times, and the 4th time he never came back. He was lost for 2 weeks! I think that he wandered off in the huge apartment complex I live in and couldn't find his way back. (It all looks very uniform here). I received a lead on a sign I posted 2 weeks later. The lady said that he had been hanging out in her part of the complex with the feral cats. So, I got my Squirt back, and needless to say, he's never been outside again.
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Wow Deb, that must have been a terrible experience. We've just moved with our two cats. One of then insists on going outside already, but we don't let her unless it's a short supervised walk. The other one is a real scaredy cat and I think we'll keep him as an indoor only cat.

By the way, Susan, your cat is neutered, right?
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Hi Deb,
My oldest cat Joe-Joe has spent more time on Air Canada than my kids. We have move him to 6 different cities (my husband is in the military) and he in now 15 years old. So far he doesn't seem any worse for the wear. One or two places we lived I didn't let him outside at all because it ws too busy and I am afraid he would get hit by a car. We always kept him in for at least a month so he could get use to his new surroundings. He is neutered. I guess you'll have to judge your new neighbourhood to feel it out.
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Well, Anne, it was no picnic, to say the least. I couldn't believe how lonely the house was without 1 stupid cat. When I found him, he had lost 1- 1/2 of his 8 lbs. He must have spent a lot of time meowing out there, because he had lost his voice and sounded like a dolphin for a good month afterward. Fortunately that was the extent of his trauma. When I found him he was so upset and/or nervous that he shed a ton of fur. It was like that commercial when the cat sneezes himself bald. Nowadays, he's an indoor man and weighing in at 14 lb. I thinkhe misses outside, but I'm not taking the chance of losing him again. His "brother" Joey keeps him company now.
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