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Just wanted to apologize for the delay with the last modifications to the forum (especially updating the search index).

My son Ron (2 years old) needs to undergo surgery soon. It's "just" getting his tonsils out, but it's becoming very urgent as they're blocking his airways when he's sleeping and he literally suffocates in his sleeps (until he wakes up to breath). He suffers from sleep apnea (sp?) right now and it's a major problem at his age as his brain isn't getting enough oxygen during night time.

If we go for a surgery with the national health system it could take up to two more months before it's his turn to be operated on. So, we want to go private, even though it's going to cost us quite a lot.

So right now we're searching for a good surgeon and taking Ron from one doctor to another. Apparently it's a major operation at his age. Full anasthesia and 2 days at the hospital. But it has to be done.
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Oh dear - absolutely no need for apologies - some things are more urgent than others! Good luck on the doctor front for Ron, it must be a real worry when he goes to sleep.
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Don't apologize. Ron's health takes precedence over our ability to search for something! Sending healing vibes!

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We will all do just fine, Anne, if you just forget about the site and take care of Ron. We are all so much in your debt. There are a whole flock of people around the world wishing you and Ron all the best.
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Hope your sons better soon Ann. My next door neighbour was taken into hospital last week for a couple of days because of his tonsils.

He thought it was just a flu virus that he had but his tonsils were so swollen that when he drank the liquid was coming down his nose .

It must be so frightening for you with regards to the breathing part of it, but at least once his tonsils are out thats a problem solved.

Don't worry about us we'll plod on until your sorted!!
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There is no reason for you to be apoligizing. I hope Ron gets better real soon, you just take all the time you need. That is far more important than any modifications
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Give poor old Ron a cuddle from me, please don't stress about the site or think you have to apologise. Family is more important.
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I agree with everyone, don't ever apologize because you are being a mom over being a website administrator. Being a mom is FAR more important! We know you'll come back to us, no kitty has strayed very far for very long! LOL! You go now and take care of your baby ! We'll still be here when you get back! Promise!
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Ron has absolute priority! I hope you find a good surgeon and that the operation goes well.
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I agree with the rest Anne. Ron's health is the most important thing to take care of. We'll manage until then.

Hope Ron gets well very soon and you find a very good surgeon plus the operation goes very well. Give him a hug for us.
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Oh Anne! no need to apologize! Your family MUST come first! Ron will be in prayers. Hopefully you find a GREAT Doctor soon!!!
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Oh I was watching Extreme Makeovers last night and one of the guys had that.. first I'd hear of it(Sleep amnea??) Good luck for Ron, Anne. I hope he's ok.
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Poor Ron! He will feel soooo much better once his tonsils are out. Even though it is a routine surgery I can imagine that as a mom it must be really scary. Get well fast Ron!
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Dont worry about it Anne....just take care of your baby....he is in my prayers....let us know how he does...
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Goodness Anne! I had no idea Ron's condition was so serious! If you want, I will index the forums late one night over the weekend for you.
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oh dear! it must be pretty tough on you, Anne. Dun worry about the board... we can survive...
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My second eldest son has this same surgery at 2. His adnoids and toncils both had to be removed. Be prepared for him to have to learn how to swallow all over again. He was up and his usual self within a week. Big hugs for Ron and soothing vibes for you.
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Thank you so much everyone!

They want to take out only his adenoids. The tonsils will stay for now.
We have found a good doctor that can operate on him on the 10th of May. I feel more calm now, though I know I am going to burst into tears as soon as I see him dressed up for the operation, not to mention when he gets the anasthesia

I guess we'll just have to keep hearing him suffocate in his sleep for the next two and a half weeks - at least we now have a date to look for.

Thanks Deb for suggesting to re-index the search engine. I actually managed to do it today after all
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Anne, family always comes 1st. I am sure he will come through with flying colours. I will keep his safety in my prayers.
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Can't resist the temptation to add some new pics of Ron and Dan
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If you look closely at Ron's picture - you can actually see how swollen his tonsils are...
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Thank you for fixing the search option

Ron is so cute, and I can see where he is swollen. Poor baby I am still keeping him in my prayers I am sure everything will be fine. If it helps any, I was told that it is much safer to do that surgery on a child than an adult. I just had my tonsils and adenoids removed 2 years ago at 22. I came through it just fine, it just took me a while to heal.
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OMG Poor Ron...he must be miserable if his glands are so swollen.

I love the picture of Ron with the big smile on his face! What a cutie pie!
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Thank you for the pics of Ron! What a sweet little boy! I am so sorry that he has been ill. It's fortunate that they've discovered the problem and are able to treat it. It must be very difficult for you to sleep at night, you're probably listening for his every breath. Have you asked your doctor about an apnea monitor-an alarm goes off if he goes over a set period of time(like 20 secs for example) without breathing. A pulse ox will sound an alarm if his O2 Sats drop below a set level (like93%). With one of these monitors you might would be able to relax enough to sleep at night. You and Ron will be in my prayers! I'm sure he will be perfectly well in no time! Squirtle is right, children bounce back so quickly!
Thank you for all of the hard work you've put into the forums for us!
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Oops! I meant that I love the picture of DAN with his big smile! He looks like quite a character!
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Such a cute little boy.

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OMG!!! I had no idea that you and Ron were going through all this! My prayers are with you and your family and I am sure Ron's surgery will go well...poor little guy. The pictures are just ADORABLE!!!! Little Ron is in my thoughts.
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Family first, Anne! Whatever little growing pains we have around the site are more than survivable. You do so much to make this a great place to be. We'll be fine. Spend your energy on your wee boy. Mega healing vibes for Ron, and mega peace vibes for his Mum.
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Originally Posted by Debby
OMG!!! I had no idea that you and Ron were going through all this! My prayers are with you and your family and I am sure Ron's surgery will go well...poor little guy. The pictures are just ADORABLE!!!! Little Ron is in my thoughts.

How about some updated Amber pics, Debby? It has been more than awhile.
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Do not worry, Anne, you worry about Ron and all you have there. The site is in good hands. Please do us the following favor: Keep thinking about Ron and keep forgetting about the site.

Sending get well vibes to Ron.
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