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Wooo Hooo Sophie's coming home!!!

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I've just had an e-mail from Emma to say Sophie can come home at the weekend!.

I'm just finalising the details with her on where to pick her up etc..and because Sophies mum had been handed in at the surgery when she was pregnant, Emma said her surgery is giving me 20% off any vaccinations because i'm taking Sophie on as a stray!.

Emmas also making me up a kitten pack which has treats and samples of the kitten food they have put her on.

I'm just waiting for her to reply, so i'm hoping that i pick her up on friday night, and if this is ok i'll be taking monday off so as to have a long weekend to see them bond. So if you don't hear from me until tuesday you know why!.

I'm getting excited but i'm nervous as well!!.

Watch this space.
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that must be so happy for you! dun forget the pictures!
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Yay! Susan you must be so excited. And as Kateang said, the picture are a must! We can't wait to see the new baby you have been telling us about
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I've got the camera at the ready, her new food bowl, new blanket.

Just please, let Rosie love her !!
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That's great news...... do you have your vanilla extract at the ready? I bet Rosie's gonna be a great big sister, I can't wait to see pictures
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I've heard vanilla extract mentioned on a lot of postings?!.

What does it do and where do i put it?
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Vanilla extract: Put a small dab on both cats under their chins and at the base of their tails on their backs. It makes them smell the same, and since cats recognize each other by scent it fakes them into thinking they know each other (or if one has been to the vet, makes them remember each other faster).

In a case like this, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Do you have a separate room all set up for little Sophie??
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I have Heidi. Rosie has her own room which is the spare bedroom, so i'm putting Sophie into my room.

Without sounding a numpty! is it the vanilla extract the same as what you would use for cooking with?.

Oh god a wave of worry has just come over me!. Whats the chances of Rosie striking out at her with her being so small
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Don't panic! This is Hissy's article on introducing kitties. Remember if you need any advice there's always TCS
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Yup, same stuff you cook with. It's edible, won't harm their skin, and VERY strong smelling.
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You must be so excited. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the introductions go well and that they learn to each other.
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What lovely news for you Rosiemac. Good Luck for Friday. You must be so excited
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Oh have you got Sophie home yet? I must have missed the threads about you getting a new kitten, Sorry Susan. So glad you picked the name Sophie, I've got a girl called Sophie(Holly's sister). I can't wait to hear all about her.
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