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Ooops she's pregnant

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My mom's cat Elfi...well she's more mine then my mom's but mom won't admit it.....is pregnant. She went into heat for first time little over a month ago and escaped the house....I was on spring break and home a friend of mine moving in here my brother and his wife having my neice Jaina....house was all confused to say the least and she somehow managed to slip out....with 11 cats (all but her fixed) and all but Ozzie the persian allowed outside...and her at the time because of being in heat its not a wonder.

Not sure how old she is exactlly...we got her the second week of August 03 and she was recently weened at the time or so we think...she was living under a friends porch keeping her up all night whining so we took her in.

I was home the 1st week of March so I would assume she is about....yeah I just found out tonight as I live at school and haven't been home much. So I am thinking next couple of weeks she should have them....but I'm totally clueless about it all.

Any advice or anything be nice. We have had cats since I was 9 but never a mom cat.

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How long was she outside for? What's the exact day you think she was mated? 62-66 days after that she will give birth.
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Oh dear! I really don't know what to say as all my baby's are spayed and nutured,sense we don't breed,but I just wanted to say,i hope the very best of luck with her and her babies!
---------Best wishes
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That week she was outside all the time..with 3 of us going in and out moving things rushing to the hospital...ect she kept sneeking out. But she was out on and off more in but still a lot out for about the whole time she was in heat. But if I remember correctly I'd guess it was wedns March 3rd thaht we know Poe got her at least we suspect it was him as he is to our knowledge the only non nutured male cat in the neighborhood. Oh My that is like the first week of May or so..even earlier than I thought.
We always fix our cats and have never even had a pregnacy scare before...but time just flew by and next thing we knew she was in heat and boom we are getting kittens Honestly I have always wanted kittens just once but I grew out of that once after the neighbors got 2 litters of cats and 1 litter of puppies in 7 days.

I am excited though and she'll be spayed as soon as the kittens are weened.
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