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Samwise on a rip

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While there may not be a cat in this picture, you can see gobs of evidence that a cat was once in this picture.

Some of you may recall that earlier we told you that an aggravated Turkish Van is a disaster waiting to happen. Samwise wanted to come out with us, and we couldn't let him do that. We have bobcats and coyotes in the wild here.

So -- as you can see, Samwise took out his frustration on one of my favorite plants -- and the mini-blinds.

You simply must love these beasts, or you would strangle them at birth!

Good cheer, gang,
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Your poor plant! Bet now he's acting completely innocent!
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Wow! Did he just do that? Maybe he is getting back at you for having that sock thing on him right now.
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Don't feel bad , you are not alone in this . I think we went all through this at least once
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What is it about plants and blinds that, when a poor bored kitty wants a little exercise, they all of a sudden develop attack tendencies
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As Hedi said weve all been through this at least once.

I think Rosie has knocked off and smashed at least 3 plant pots, a cup of coffee all over my rug, not to mention the odd glass of wine when she's had one of her mad half hours.

Strangle her?, nah everything can be replaced
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Oh my he really is MAD but that is all part of loving our kids!
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Georgia destroyed several plants before I gave up on indoor plants. Fake ones are entirely out of the question.
Pepper loves to climb curtains, and has destroyed my curtain rods by hanging from them. She and Georgia go after the blinds all the time, but have done no major damage to them. I shake the water bottle, and they run away.
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Naughty Samwise I have to admit I have a soft spot for mischevious kitties, Jeepers doesn't look like a Turkish Van but by the look of that window I'd swear they were related!!!!!
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Early in Fawn's life, one of her rampages prompted this report to a friend...


...and co-conspirators.

Midnight. Or a little after, I guess. Reading lights still on, TV still playing, books and eyelids fallen, senior cat in residence on top of pile of humans.

CRASH! #&&#&^^&#&!! TINKLE! #&#&*%*^$^ "Whawuzzat???!!"

Cat removes self. Male human mumbles "hmmmmpph?"

Female human extracts self from cocoon, proceeds to investigate disturbance, meets small feline exiting kitchen with saucer-eyes and "They JUMPED on me, Mum!" demeanor -- "they" being half a dozen vicious plants that had been waiting for the opportunity to ambush a small feline person. They do that. They take great delight in hopping, with as much fury as they can muster, from their restraining pots, at unsuspecting fur people, flinging about as much of their soil as possible in the process.

Are there such vicious plants in your household? Particularly vicious are jade plants, spider plants, pothos.

The plants were sent back to their pots, but the mess of flung spoil is still on the floor. Tasks for this afternoon for the Mum (the cleanup) and the Dad (the restoration of appropriate soil levels).

The Mum was not amused, either, to find that the dishwasher had chosen this particular night to pee on the floor -- an intermittent occurrence, not recently encountered, so something of a shock to bare feet on their way to the battle ground on the other side of the room.
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