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Small.....ok, ...Large favor please?

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Here's an odd request for everyone, but I guess nothings that odd coming from me? :laughing2:

My computer is still not giving me the Browse button option here, or anywhere else for that matter so I can't post any pics or attachments this is so frustrating!

I just got a batch of pics back yesterday, and would love to post a pic of Gilligan, the adorable little Blue I inherited when my son was evicted. As much as I swore it was a temporary arrangement, he has stolen my heart! He is only about 4 months old, maybe less, and still has that little problem with suckling on EVERYTHING, mostly my ears and neck, but he such a little charmer!

If I'm able to attach a file to an e-mail, would anyone be willing to post his pic for me? And maybe a recent one of my LilyBelle too, since I'm asking for favors, might as well shoot for the moon,I have 1 of Cagney the day before she had her kittens too :LOL:

If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it,
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Did your kitty happen to step on the keyboard to
change your settings? I am not sure what programs
you have . . . but here is an idea. Just trying
to help as I love to see pictures!

Go to View on your menu up top. Go to Tool Bar
and check Standard Buttons. You should have that
checked. Before I go any further with anymore
instructions, could you do that?
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Cleo - I sent you a PM with my real email address in it. I'd be happy to post your pics.
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:LOL: too funny! That's exactly what happened, but that messed up the font, making it VERY small. The problem with the browse button came about when my monitor blew up, and a friend tried to "fix" the problems incurred after replacing it. I checked on your suggestion, it was checked.
I seriously need a new pc!
Thanks for the help.

Thank you so much, I'll scan the pics and see if it works...at least my scanner still works! :laughing2:
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