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good deed for the day

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Well I have come to the end of my four days off and am exhausted from it all moreso than at work I think had I been there - however, today has been one of those days. You know what i mean - you have the inlaws over, the little one wakes in the early hours with an ear ache, starts being sick. I wake with a streaming cold and I still have to smile all day and drive the inlaws around. However, all was not lost and I managed to squeeze in a good deed as well.
We dropped the in laws off at the bus station and waited with them until they got on the bus. Whilst there, there was a woman who looked worn out and had a cat carrier there with her. She was pooped out and when my curiosity got the better of me, I had to look. In the basket was a 9 year old all white cat - sort of persian looking with flattened face and looking really three sheets to the wind. I asked what had happened and learnt that he had been brought to the vet that morning on the bus from 20 minutes away and the little mite had an abscess under a tooth. He had a real terrible look on his face as if he was not happy, however, the owner of "eric" was glad to be going home. Home was 20 minutes drive away and they had missed the bus by a minute and the next one was an hour away.
It was starting to get miserable with the wet and unfortunately, I had to say goodbye wishing them both all the best. We said goodbye to the inlaws and waved them off and went back to the car.
We were going to look at a Caravan showroom this afternoon and its amazing how short a long trip can be when I thought about it. So I drove back round and pulled up in front of her, told her that I could not leave her knowing that it was about to rain and the poor cat needed getting home as soon as possible. Would you want a cat to be out there in pouring cold weather that needs attention and warmth - neither could I. I convinced the woman that we needed to go that way and could I drop her off at home (never was at all - opposite direction)- 30 minutes later - she was home. She would have had an hour to wait plus a 20 minute ride and then a 20 minute walk. My way the cat got home quicker.
I would not accept anything for the trip - she had just spent a packet on the cat, nor does she know who I am or carol and Christopher in the car with her. She has no idea where we live, all she knows is that this stranger was talking to her, then drove them home and drove away.
Not writing this for kudos, I just felt for little eric so heres some healing vibes for him and best wishes to a lady I will never know or meet again.
Thats my good turn I guess for the day - just thought would share it with you.
aka sneezy and with a heavy head cold
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I know you said you didn't write for kudos, but you're gonna get 'em whether you want 'em or not!

Good for you!! I"d have done the same, other errands or no! I can't imagine carrying my baby to the vet on public transit! (but maybe that's just my spoiled brat American thinking ) You are an angel for getting this lovely home to start recuperating. No good deed goes unnoticed.
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Kev you are the sweetest man I've ever met! Kudos to you! what a great guy!
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that's a wonderful deed will be keeping eric and his owner in mind too
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That was such a nice thing to do, and a wonderful lesson in kindness for your son. Like RicaLynn said, you get kudos anyway!
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