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I am honestly floored!

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Brad did something yesterday that has me stunned!
He was outside talking to his friend(next door neighbor) last night and he said he turned around and on the step was this scrawny, skin and bones black kitten. He called to it, and it ran over to him, he looked it over, he said it was so skinny you could see the bones, poor thing, so he and Bill the neighbor took it into Bills house and fed it(they said it ate a HUGE bowl of food), now I guess Bill is looking for a home for it( I say it because I don't know if it's a boy or a girl) Brad doesn't want me to go and see it because I will want to keep it! LOL! does that surprise any of you? I'm thinking of a way to make it my wedding present from him but I haven't thought of a sneaky way to do that yet...
the reason I'm so stunned is because Brad always told me that he'd never just pick up a cat he didn't know. He doesn't care if I feed them(he doesn't have anything to do with them , secretly I think he'd keep them all too if he got to know them, and that's why.), but he really doesn't like it because like I said, I want to save them all and inside I know I can't but I really want to try! I hope Bill finds a good home for this kitty, otherwise, it better come over here, I"m not going to let him put it back out on the street. I'm be irritate! I think I better go and leave a note on his door and let him know that.
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LOL! It sounds as if your "training", "conditioning", or whatever you want to call it, has been quite effective! My husband grew up without pets - animals were just something you fed, and basically ignored. In the past twenty-odd years, he has 1) rescued a German Shepherd drowning in a flooded river, 2) smashed a car window to rescue a dog that was hyperventilating (the owner was grateful, BTW), and 3) rescued two cats (in separate incidents) who were trapped in "tipped" windows. He bitched when we moved in here and I secured all the windows that could be tipped open from the top with metal insets to protect the cat(s), but I haven't heard a word about it since he rescued the first trapped cat. When we vacation in Hungary, the first thing he does is head for the nearest pet store to buy tons of cat food for all the ferals (it's horrible there - so many starving kitties).
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Jcat, that is so cool! Your hubby rocks!!!!
I can't believe that I've rubbed off on him like that. It still stuns me! I really want to go over and see this kitty but I'm afraid I'll bring it home and Brad will not be happy. Plus I honestly know we don't have the room for another kitty, but I can't let anything happen to the special one Brad saved...
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What a lovely wedding present. I once bought my first husband a beautiful white half Siamese for his birthday and he absolutely loved her. We didn't have the room either and I didn't tell him that I was getting her I did it real sneaky. But it worked out fine. What are you going to do?
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That is so special that Brad rescued that poor kitty. I hope Bill finds a very loving home for it.

It sure is funny how people can be "conditioned" to love cats, though. I know my late husband was not too pleased when I took in my first cat about seven years ago. The cat had little to do with him, though he grew to love it. And two years later, when Guard Cat got cancer, it was my husband who seriously considered spending $800 of our retirement money on chemotherapy. We didn't do it though, as we reached the conclusion that Guard Cat was really a poor candidate for it, from what the doctor told us.

And after my husband had a major stroke five years ago and he was suffering from confusion during his three week hospital stay in rehab, the head nurse told me that as soon as he was able to get up and walk, every night about midnight he would walk down to the nurses station and ask the night nurse "Is the cat out?" Now did he learn to become concerned about cats or what!
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Awwwww tell him we all love him for doing that

And your right the kitty would make a lovely wedding present- FROM US!!
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What a sweet thing to do! My s/o was the cat lover to begin with in our house. I never had cats growing up, and knew nothing about them. He tries to act grumpy when I bring another one home, but he is the one that always snuggles it and gets attatched. He wouldn't even look at the most recent rescue, the red tabby boy, because he knew it would be staying if he did. He has been funny since he lost 2 red tabby boys in 5 years. One to FeLeuk, one sneaked out and got hit by a car. He was heartbroken both times.
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Aren't we the greatest group of women?! LOL! I haven't heard from Bill yet so I'm assuming either Brad has a ban on him talking to me until he finds a home for kitty, or he just hasn't had time... There is a bad side note to all of this, Brad told Bill, if he can't find a home for kitty Bill should take kitty to the humane shelter( a kill shelter unfortunately!) I didn't agree with that at all, and we had words. Brad said that a kitten would be adopted in no time but I'm upset that he'd do something so stupid! I hope I see Bill before he takes kitty to the shelter!

Ok, I just got back and talked to Bill, Turns out that Bill is keeping him. He is the most beautiful black kitty with golden eyes. Bill named him gibley. He is really talkitive and looks to be about a year old. I told Bill that if he decided that he didn't want him, to give him to me. I'd be glad to take him. Bill said that Brad told him we didn't need anymore cats but I told Bill that I'm far more grumpier then Brad and would deal with Brad if Bill decided that he wanted to give the cat to us. so now I can rest easier knowing that little Gibley is ok and has a home either way.
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Aww! What a great thing Bill & Brad did. I hope they find the kitty a nice home!()
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