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i have two main coon cats and one of them is a licker is there anyway i can stop this problem he is 7 months old
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Hissy always suggests putting a little lemon juice into your hand-lotion and then applying the hand lotion to the places the cat licks. Or some vick's vaporub (if you can stand the smell) will work as well.
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Call me bad, but I love it when my cats lick me. it makes me feel loved!!!! They don't do it very often though, maybe that's why I feel that way~
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OHH! Licks YOU. I thought you meant he licks himself. Imagine putting vaporub on the spots that he licks on himself!
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I like to feel a cat lick my hand as well. But I had a friend whose cat would lick me until my hand was dripping wet, a bit over the top little Mathilda.
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i should have said he licks me in the face all the time
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